Vette Videos: “The King” Is Back! The 2008 “Elvis Burning Love” Z06 Corvette TV Ad

Dateline: 8.11.11
The C6 Z06 is definitely a HUNK’A, HUNK’A BURN’N LOVE

Elvis Presley’s death on August 16, 1977 touched America like no other. What was initially a heartbreak for the man that took rock’n roll mainstream, has turned into an annual celebration of one man’s music that continues to touch the hearts of millions. Memphis is currently gearing up for Elvis Week, an organic event that began as a solemn remembrance that is now a happy time for visitors from around the world. it is truly a unique American experience.

In the world of high performance cars, the Corvette is very much like Elvis Presley – born of humble beginnings, big, flamboyant, loud, with a strong personality, an American original, often imitated, and never duplicated. The expression, “The King is Back” was PERFECT for the C6 Z06 Corvette. While the C5 Z06 is a fantastic car, the C6 Z06 took the monicker to a whole new and higher level of performance. With an extra 100-horsepower from the LS7 engine and a refined suspension, the C6 Z06 caught even seasoned high performance Corvette owners short.  One man I know that has had many Corvettes over the years told me that Chevrolet should require high performance driving school training with this car. Skeets and others said the same thing and Chevrolet listened.

The commercial begs the question, “Was Elvis a Corvette fan and did he own any Vettes?”  The short answer is, no and yes – kind of. Elvis LOVED cars, he bought his Mama a pink ‘56 Cadillac (she didn’t even have a driver’s license) along with hundreds of other cars. For his personal rides, Elvis preferred BIG cars – Cadillacs and Lincolns mostly. And sometimes he liked to indulge in exotics, owning during his life a Ferrari, a Stutz Bearcat, a Messerschmitt sports car, a Pantera, a Meyers Manx dune buggy, and many others. Elvis also LOVED to give away cars to unsuspecting people, an indulgence that drove his father, Vernon Presley, NUTS.

Elvis was one of those kinds of wealthy people that if someone was to say, “Hey Elvis, nice car!” he might just toss the keys at them and say, “it’s yours, man!” just to see the expression on the person’s face. he just loved to surprise people. The Graceland estate apparently has records indicating that Elvis did indeed purchase two Corvettes that were given to two very lucky people. Elvis was arguably one of the most interesting and complicated people of his generation and there’ll never be another like him.

Back to the Z06 Corvette commercial, the Elvis “look” and the song, “Burn’n Love” is PERFECT for the C6 Z06. The only other thing left to say is, “Thankyou. Thankyouvurrymuch.” – Scott

PS – Here’s “The Man” performing “Burning Love” at his 1973 Aloha From Hawaii Concert. Enjoy!

Here’s  FUN montage of Elvis performances to “Burning Love.”

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