1966 Corvette vs 2015 Toyota Camry! SAY WHAT???

It’s not about numbers,
it’s about PASSION!

1966-Corvette-vs-CamryDateline: 8.27.15 – Carlos Lago at Motor Trend arguably has one of the coolest jobs of our time – driving and hot-lapping modern and classic cars, and getting paid to do it and HAVE FUN! Carlos says it all up front. The Camry is an appliance, the 1966 Corvette Sting Ray Coupe with a 4-speed, knock-off aluminum wheels, and factory side pipes is what you WANT to drive, it’s what you LUST to drive! (Make those side pipes BARK and GROWL!)

Not much is known about the Corvette other than the obvious – it’s a small-block with a four-speed and everything is stock, right down to the car’s weakest point, the painfully skinny bias-ply tires. The tires just killed the Corvette’s lap time. The Camry turned in 1:37 @97-mph compared to the Corvette’s 1:44 @ 83-mph.

Side pipes were a $131 option available on even the base 300-hp 327, so loud, booming entertainment was easily available Based on the cars ¼-mile et of only 16.0 @83.5-mph, compared to the Camry’s 14.7 @99-mph. Certainly better gearing would have helped the Corvette, but we don’t know what was in the car.

It all depends on what kind of person you are and your needs. If practicality is everything, why would you every want at 1966 Corvette, or any Corvette for that matter. But if passion and style is what makes you warm, a Toyota Camry ain’t gonna make it for you.

Almost half a century of engineering and development has created amazing basic transportation machines. It’s nice to see, and hear a young man hoot’n a squeel’n with glee behind the wheel of a 49 year old Corvette. “Numbers” be damned! It’s about passion!Scott


PS – This C6 TV commercial captures Corvette passion like no other!

Okay… This one’s a very close second!