A Salute to the C6 Corvette: We all still LOVE big-blocks!


by Scott Teeters, Corvette Artist and Writer, Editor of Corvette Report
The awesome C7 stands on the shoulders of the C6 Z06!

Dateline 11.18.15: The C7 continues to rack up the kudos, but that doesn’t mean that the C6 Corvettes are less than awesome. Ever since the early days of the 1960s when Chevrolet started rolling out their mid-engine Corvette prototypes and engineering study cars, fans have been waiting for a new Corvette that is revolutionary, rather than evolutionary.

But it’s the evolutionary approach to the Corvette’s design that’s yielded steady improvement to the point where the new base model C7 has more grunt and thunder than the baddest big-block from the olden days. (We all still LOVE big-blocks!) And, it’s a car that you can live with every day as a daily driver.

And for those that still long for the “revolutionary” mid-engine Corvette, your dream car is in the works. At this point it’s not known if the new mid-engine car will be the C8 (with the current C7 being phased out?) or will it be a totally separate model – perhaps not even being called a “Corvette”? It could be the new Chevrolet “Zora”! We’ll just have to wait and see. The product planners at Chevrolet, bless their hearts, are masters at leaving us wanting and waiting for more.

For now, here’s a salute to the C6 Corvette. Remember, the C7 stands on the shoulders of the C6 Z06. Back in the olden days, no one was even thinking of a Corvette with an aluminum frame! Today, it’s “standard.” – Scott


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