August Auction Action – Watch RM Monterey and Mecum Monterey, Live!

Dateline: 8.15.12

A BIG weekend for Corvettes on the block!

Auction action begins at 6:30 Pacific Time for the RM Monterey event.

It’s turning out to be a very interesting weekend for Corvettes at the high-end car auctions, with two big-time events going off at about the same time and area. I checked the RM Auctions website and saw that they have updated their home page and added a “VIEW AUCTION LIVE” link at the top of their homepage. So, they made it easy for us. Auction action starts at 6:60 PM Pacific time (9:30 Eastern Time). If you click the page link before the scheduled start time, all you’ll see is a black box where the streaming video will be. This won’t change until the event starts. After the feed begins, look for the button to Fill Screen, kick back, and enjoy!


For details about this fantastic Corvette racer, just click the image.

If you’re mainly interested in the Owens-Corning 1968 L88 racer, the lot number is 141. The numbering begins with #101, a 1953 Hudson Hornet. So with 40 cars before the Owens-Corning car, it’ll be a few hours before the old war horse Corvette comes thundering upon the stage.

But if you love old cars and racing machines, the auction is a treat. Not only do you get to see the numbers ring up, but before the bidding begins, they describe the car, show photos and videos, as well as letting you get a good look at the car on the turntable. Most of the cars at the RM event are really special and have been lovingly restored and cared for. The marque almost doesn’t matter, they’re just wonderful machines.

One of my favorite Corvette blogs (besides my own) is Keith Cornet’s The other day I saw that Keith posted a story about the Mecum Monterey Auction on August 16 – 18 and showed three sweet ‘60s Vettes. At first I misread the title and thought that RM Auctions had added a few more Corvettes, as last week when I posted that RM Monterey Auction showed only ONE Corvette, the Owens-Corning 1968 L88 racer. But alas, it was the “Monterey” thing that threw me. There’s still just one Corvette going on the block for the RM show. But the Mecum auction has some real gems.

CorvetteBlogger has a nice review of the cars that you can enjoy HERE. Briefly, the cars include a black ‘68 L88 Roadster, a silver COPO 427/435 Roadster that was shown at the 1967 New York Auto Show, and Mickey Thompson’s 1963 Z06 Sears/Allstate Tires white Coupe.

Mecum also has a Live Feed, but you have to sign up and be a member to watch the auction action. The membership is free and all they ask for is your name, the state you reside in, and your email address. After you sign up, go back to the homepage and click the “Infonet” tab just under the main banner. On the left side of the next page, look for the “MECUM Webcast” button graphic. The Mecum Monterey event runs August 16 – 18, with auction action running from 12-6 PM each day. Mecum archives their auctions, so if you miss the live webcast, you can go back and enjoy the event from the archives section.

You can peruse the lots at both event online and don’t forget to check out RM Auctions beautiful digital catalogue, HERE. Or, you can buy the paper book versions HERE.

Enjoy the shows! – Scott

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