BRAVISSIMO! C7 Z06 – NEW Z06 Tribute Art Print

1963 C2 Z06, 2001 C5 Z06, 2006 C6 Z06 & 2015 C7 Z06


2015-Z06-SideAs a salute the success and rave reviews of the new C7 Z06, my new prints show the original, 1963 Z06, the C5 2001 Z06, the C6 2006 Z06, and the C7 2015 Z06, available in three unique graphic treatments – Brushed Metal, Diazo Blueprint Paper, and Kraft Paper!

The Z06 has worked out to be one of the most interesting stories in Corvette lore. What started out as an obscure “for racers only” RPO option that hardly anyone knew about, has become GM’s flagship performance car. This is nothing less than astonishing. Heck, even General Motors’ CEO Mary Barra just got herself a black-on-black Z06 convertible. I was joking with Doug MacDonald (Dave MacDonald’s brother), “You think the workers might have been a little nervous bolting together The Queen Mary’s Z06? NO PRESSURE, guys! HA!” Kidding aside, it’s good to see that she has good taste!

2015-Z06-FrontUp to the end of April 2015 Chevrolet reported 8,206 Z06s sold. That number already beats out the C6 Z06’s best sales year from 2007 when Chevrolet sold 7,760 Z06s. With a total-to-date (as of the end of April 2015) of 31,377 Corvettes built, 2,618 were Z06 models, that’s 26.18% of the 2015 production so far. The plant has a full two more months of figures to announce, as production of the 2015 Corvettes ends on June 22, 2015. (Check out the 2015 Z06 TV Commercial, click the “Continue reading” link below)

Last month I posted my Vette Magazine Illustrated Corvette Series No. 215 that covered the new C7 Z06. For my monthly column, so that I don’t get stuck on any particular generation, I try to cycle through the generations.

So for ICS No. 213 I covered the first production Z06, the 2001 model, then in ICS No. 214 I covered the C6 2006 Z06. And just to pack all the Z06 material in, ICS No. 216 is about the C7 Z06’s LT4 engine. ICS No. 217 was about the C1 1958 Corvette and ICS No. 218 told the story of the first Z06 race car, Dave MacDonald and Jim Simpson’s Don Steves-sponsored 1963 Z06. When I cycle through and get back to the C2 generation, I will cover the first Z06 from the perspective of the 52 year spread between the first and latest Z06.

2015-Z06-RearSo, BRAVISSIMO to the Corvette styling, engineering, product development, and manufacturing teams! We have not seen sales figures like this since 2008. As a salute to the Z06 I have created a new Z06 Tribute layout, available in three styles: metal, diazo blueprint, and Kraft paper. Each print measures 11” x 17” and is made on mat finished card stock. Every print is signed and numbered by yours truly.

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