C4 Corvette Thursday, A Sleek C4 Corvette Could Be Your Daily Driver!

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92 corvette

Thursday,  is our day to honor the fourth generation Corvettes. If your desire is a cheap Corvette, then the concept of a C4 daily driver looks rather promising. A slightly beaten and sufficiently dirty C4 won’t need much care and will reward you with the sound of a V8, the practicality of that glass hatchback and the versatility only a targa roof can provide. Parts availability is brilliant and no matter what anybody says, you’ll be driving the most important Corvette of them all. Just don’t buy an ‘83.

c4 corvette

The C4 Corvette was known for its evolved, sleek and modern look. In a departure from the fiberglass panels of its fore-bearers, the C4’s rear bumpers and panels were made from molding plastics, a sheet molding compound. The C4 coupe was the first general production Corvette to have a glass hatchback (the limited edition 1982 Collectors Edition being the first Corvette equipped with this feature) for better storage access. The Corvette C4 came standard with an electronic dashboard with a digital liquid crystal display dash, with graphics for speed and RPM and digital displays for other important engine functions. The C4 represented a clean break from the previous generation of Corvette with a completely new chassis and modern, sleeker styling.

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