C7 Corvette Set To Be a 2014 Model!

Concept art by Tamas Jakus.

GM North America President, Mark Reuss Makes a MAJOR Corvette Announcement.

Here’s some serious C7 red meat for ya! GM North America President, Mark Reuss made a major announcement at the Bowling Green Corvette assembly plant that GM will be investing $131 million dollars in the plant that will create 250 jobs, AND that the C7 Corvette will likely be introduced in the Spring of 2013 as a 2014 model.

I think that about nails it, Corvette fans. With GM making a major investment like that, it’s a done deal. The only thing I can imagine that would push the model back would be if it takes longer for the Corvette engineers to get the new C7 as perfect as a mass production car can be. Corvette quality control took a big step forward with the C5 model, thanks to then Corvette chief engineer Dave Hill’s background with Cadillac cars. Expectations for the next Vette are VERY high and I’m certain that the Corvette team is well aware of how high the bar will be. “No pressure” folks!

I have been following Corvettes since the mid 60s and I can never remember more anticipation for a new Corvette. The interest is almost a fever pitch. We can tell from tracking our site’s hits and page views.

While I was personally rooting for a 2013 introduction so that there could have been a 60th Anniversary edition and a 50th Anniversary Sting Ray Edition, oh well. In stead, I’m sure that the Corvette product planners already know what the 60th Anniversary 2013 C6 Corvette will look like and what the special edition package will offer. It’s sure to be sweet!

Could there be a 2013 50th Anniversary Sting Ray Special Edition C6 with a unique “split-window” rear glass/hatch assembly? Now that would be interesting. As of this writing on May 4, 2011, the results of our unscientific poll asking the question, “If you were buying a new 2013 C7 Corvette and the “Split-Window Coupe” was an option, would you get one?”48% said, “yes, Definitely. 36% said, “No way!” and 16% said, “Depends on the price.” Not that the Corvette product planners will pay any attention to our little poll, it is an interesting indicator of how our readers are feeling about the idea.

(To check out the poll, CLICK HERE.)

Sorry Corvette fans, Reuss had no hardware or styling details. So for a while longer, we’ll just have to wait and dream on!


PS – You can watch the press conference by clicking the below image…

Source: National Corvette Museum Blogspot