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What will inspire  and influence the new Chevrolet Corvette C7?

Corvette Lovers Dream On….

The blogosphere and webosphere have been blah blahhing quite a bit in the last few months as to just what changes inside and out may occur with the upcoming and greatly anticipated C7 Corvette. If you read the other post here on Corvette Report  on the Corvette in Peril, you know the economy will most likely slow down the production of this next generation. That aside, Corvette lovers dream on. Here are a few links to get the conversation going and a few well thought out responses to how things may shake out/ shape up. WHAT DO YOU THINK?

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Chevrolet Corvette C7 Concepts – Very Cool YouTube Video

2013 C7 Corvette to Come out in 2012 per GM August 09 Release

Highly-anticipated Chevy- the C7 Corvette from AutoGuide.com

The Response as posted:

Designing a new Corvette is the hardest job in Detroit –

“I’m a columnist and artist for VETTE Magazine, K. Scott Teeters. The current C6, Grand Sport, and especially the ZR1 are stunning cars. When you read road test reports and all the writers have to complain about is interior trim and seatback latches, that should tell us how good the car really is. But, anything can be improved. A C7 Corvette in 2012 seems to me to be a rush. I would much rather see GM take their time and get it right, because once it’s done, we’ll have to live with it for some time. The concept car from the movie is in my eye, quite overdone. But that’s what show and concept cars are supposed to be. Look at the Mako Shark I & II. Designing a new Corvette is the hardest job in Detroit – it has to look “new,” but still look like a “Corvette.”


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Illustrated 2011 Chevrolet Corvette C7 by Nick Aziz

The Response as posted:

Corvette fans want a smaller, lighter car.

“Interesting rendering, very intriguing. I’m always reading that Corvette fans want a smaller, lighter car. The next time you’re at a big Corvette show, such as Corvettes at Carlisle, if they have any of the old concept Corvettes, the Mako Shark for example, take note of how small and rather flimsy those cars really are. They are look more like kit cars. I was reading a comment by one of the old Corvette designers and he wrote that those early concept / show cars, weren’t “real” cars. Real cars today have airbags, side door guard beams, accessories galore, sound systems, computer management systems, dry-sump oil systems, coolers for every fluid imaginable, and on and on. The ‘09 ZR-1 is made of aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber, and still weighs just over 3,300 pounds. If the car was scaled down to weigh 2,800 pounds would anyone want to take a trip in it? Unless you are jockey-size, could you fit into such a car? Unlike the old dark days of the ‘70, it seems that Chevrolet has no trouble making lots of HP and creating electronic management systems to keep 600-plus ponies livable. And if you look at a Corvette next to a regular car, it’s rather small, but the proportions of the body design make it look larger than it really is. I don’t see the C7 getting much lighter, but it could easily be more powerful.

Save the Wave! K. Scott Teeters”

What do you think the C7 will materialize as?

K. Scott Teeters, author and artist of The Illustrated Corvette Series as seen in Vette magazine.



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