2026 Electric SUV Corvette??? HUH!

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The notion that GM would break off “Corvette” as its own division has been kicking around since the days of GM’s bankruptcy. Government auditors discovered that of all GM’s divisions, only two were turning a profit; the truck division and Corvette.

Before this discovery, it looked like Corvette was once again on the chopping block. This happened once before in the very early ’90s when the late Jim Perkins came back to GM to be the new Chevrolet general manager. When Perkins arrived back at Chevrolet he reported that he didn’t recognize the place, it was in such disarray.

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As a result of the happy findings of the g-man auditors, Corvette engineering and design were given the green light for the C7. Tadge Juechter was already working on a mid-engine platform, but an enhanced front-engine layout built empirically on the highly successful C6 Z06-based C6.R race cars would get Chevrolet to the C7 sooner, rather than later.

Since those days, much has changed in the automotive world. Customers liked and wanted more SUV-type vehicles, enough that the industry began walking away from the traditional two and four-door sedan designs. Crossover SUVs filled the marketplace for buyers that didn’t want a big SUV.

At the same time, hybrid cars started getting traction. Then came the success of the Tesla vehicles and the race was on! It wasn’t long before big hybrid and battery-powered, luxury SUVs started showing up from U.S., European, and Asian manufacturers. This was a total game-changer because the public discovered something new… TORQUE… you know, that “other horsepower”. Continue reading “2026 Electric SUV Corvette??? HUH!”