Corvette Timeline Tales: 9-18-64 – CBS airs the last episode of the Route 66 TV show

CBS pulls the plug on the popular series, “Route 66” – Videos

6-Sept-Timeline-RT-66-Canceled-TNDateline 9.18.15 – After 116 episodes, CBS pulled the plug on their anthology drama series, “Route 66.” Herbert B. Leonard and Stirling Silliphant created the series as a spinoff of their popular “Naked City” series. “Naked City” was set in New York City and “Route 66” was set in a different location for every episode. Watching the series is a genuine travel log of early 1960s America, in black and white. The “Tod Stiles” character (played by Martin Milner) was in the entire series. The character “Buz Murdock” (played by George Maharis) exited the show midway through the third season and was replaced by the character “Lincoln Chase,” a recently discharged Vietnam veteran, played by Glenn Corbett.

“Route 66” lives on today on DVDs and many – perhaps all – of the episodes are on YouTube! In 1993 a revival/sequel was launched by NBC with the plotline being that Buz Murdock’s son inherited a Corvette from his father and used the old Corvette to travel about the country. Along the way, the son picks up a hitchhiker and the two young dudes went off to see America. Unfortunately, the lads didn’t see very much, as NBC canceled the show after only four episodes (ouch!) Then in 1998 Martin Milner starred in the documentary, “Route 66: Return to the Road with Martin Milner.” The video is more about the actual road, Route 66, rather than the TV series. – Scott


 Enjoy the below Route 66 video clips!