Dana Forrester’s New “Motorama Treasures” C7 Corvette Art Print

Master Corvette Artist, Dana Forrester, Dishes Up Another Corvette Art Beauty!

Over the last few months there’s been a real absence of official news from GM about the next generation C7 Corvette. While GM’s fortunes have turned around recently with their successful IPO stock offering and very good sales of the core line cars, Corvette sales continue to slip. It’s not for a lack of selection, as the ‘11 Corvette line offers buyers a true Corvette boutique of choices. Could it be that buyers are content with their existing Corvettes and are simply waiting for the C7? Or, is it just “the economy, stupid”?

Of course it’s anyone’s guess, but it provides excellent fodder for endless speculation. Back in November 2011 I posted a collection of C7 Corvette concept renderings that clearly shows that a lot of talented designers are putting pen to paper and working their computer graphics magic. With so many interesting designs out in cyberspace, it’s worth remembering that the Transformers / Centennial Corvette concept show car is the ONLY official visual from GM. And lately, they’ve been VERY quiet.

However, I did find the following interesting comment at DigitalCorvettes.com that addresses the Transformers design,

“Well guys, I was chatting with my friends buddy who works in GM last night and he was saying this is what the new C7 will probably look like except for the rear split window—they will probably go with a one piece glass…. He said the front end is almost identical. He was part of the team when they did the Camaro.”

While that’s interesting, and I’m not challenging the validity of the man’s story, I must point out that if one looks at any of the generational Corvette books, such as “Corvette C6” by Phil Berg, during the preliminary stages of developing the Corvette, LOTS of treatments are explored in full size. Whatever that man’s friend saw could all change. Designing a new Corvette is the toughest challenge in Detroit. The new design has to look different, but still look like a Corvette. NOT an easy task.

So, will the C7 be a dead ringer for the Transformer/Centennial concept car, minus the split-window? No doubt, when the C7 mule Corvettes hit the road for real world road evaluation, they will be heavily disguised with bogus body panels and distracting graphics While mere mortals are left waiting, there are already several die-cast model versions of the Transformers/Centennial Corvette and now world-renowned automotive watercolor artist, Dana Forrester has released his latest addition to his already large collection of Corvette prints.

Dana’s signature style “car in front of a vintage brick wall poster” ties the first public appearance of the Corvette at the 1953 Motorama in the Waldorf Astoria with the latest Corvette concept car – the C7 Transformers/Centennial. Dana even included a hat tip to Corvette designer Harley Earl by including Earl’s Le Sabre concept car behind the Polo White ‘53 Motorama Corvette on the wall.

I’d say that Dana hit another one out of the ball park!

Dana’s giclee prints made on heavy watercolor look strikingly like the original watercolor painting. Sizes run from 11×17 to 26×40 with prices starting at $100. To order your Dana Forrester “Motorama Treasures” fine automotive art print, CLICK HERE.

So, until GM decides to let us know what the C7 will look like, we’ll all just have to keep bench racing and day dreaming about the C7 Corvette. Perhaps Jim Dunne will capture a good spy photo of a C7 mule at the GM test track. Rest assured, when someone does snap a good shot of the real C7, it’ll be all over the net! – KST

To order your Dana Forrester “Motorama Treasures” fine automotive art print, CLICK HERE.

Here’s Dana Forrester next to his 1965 396 big-block Corvette Coupe. NICE ride, Dana!