FOR SALE – C6.R Ridemakerz Corvettes

Dateline: 12.21.11

The Most Affordable C6.R Corvettes!

Last September I took you through a behind the scene look at the delightful “You Build Your Ride” toy line of cars from RideMakerz, plus my personal experience of working on the body styling of many of the first wave of RideMakerz cars. Unfortunately for me, by the time RideMakerz secured the license for the C6.R body shape from General Motors, my art director and designer friend at Scrambled Eggz Productions in Medford, New Jersey, Don Amadio, had the time to do the styling on the C6.R Corvette himself.

The RideMakerz store and website offers a dazzling selection of accessories!

The toy concept was essentially Build-A-Bears meets Cars and Trucks. Each toy was available either online or at specific RideMakerz stores where Dad and Junior could go, pick out their favorite body, body color, chassis type (static or R/C), then trick out their ride with a dazzling selection of ala’ carte options including wheels, tires, engines, wings, side pipes, nurf bars, wheelie bars, and graphics – just like a real car. And if all that wasn’t enough, each car had lights that turned on, engine sounds, pealout sounds, plus a tool box-styled cardboard case. It was a very cool concept!
While one might think, “What’s there to style for a C6.R Corvette toy?” Here’s the answer. All of the RideMakerz cars shared a common chassis, so one wheelbase length and width had to accommodate several distinctive body shapes. Then each car shape was slightly characterized, but not cartooned, with a specific amount of forward rake and proportions. They weren’t and couldn’t be exact replicas of the bodies, as with a model car kit, yet had to maintain the character and essence of each unique design. Plus there were inner components that needed clearance. It wasn’t as easy as if first seems, but as a designer/illustrator, I thoroughly enjoyed working on this line of toys. Kudos to Don Amadio for doing a magnificent job translating the unique shapes of the C6.R Corvette to the RideMakerz chassis.

There were three versions of the C6.R’s body, one candy metallic red, one mat black, and one Velocity Yellow. Plus, there was a very limited run of “Jake” livery C6.R cars. When the cars came out in early ‘09 I wrote a feature story for VETTE Magazine. Most Corvette owners are just big boys and girls with full-size toys, so VETTE’s editor, Jay Heath felt that the story was a fit for the VETTE readers. The RideMakerz people sent me three examples of the C6.R (I was only expecting one) for photography. After I completed my story I told them that I’d be sending back the samples and was told,”Naw, keep’m!”

Scrambled Eggz Art Director and lead designer, Don Amadio did the styling for the RideMakerz C6.R. BRAVO, Don!

So after 2-1/2 years of enjoying the cars on a shelf in my Man Room, I decided it’s time to let someone else enjoy them. So, they’re FOR SALE. Each car is complete, ready to enjoy and has the R/C (radio controlled) chassis with lights and sound, a controller, battery charger and a selection of accessories. A maxed out RideMakerz car cost around $100 new. So, we’re letting each car go for just $50, plus shipping. Each car functions and is sold “AS IS.” The Jake C6.R was a very limited edition version and does not come with the external hood mounted engine, side pipes, wheelie bars, etc. it’s presented as the Corvette Racing “Jake” Corvette.

Shipping will vary depending on location, so we are only selling these three cars by phone with a credit card. I would have gotten these on sooner for Christmas or holiday gifts, but it’s been a very busy season.

To purchase one or all three of the C6.R RideMakerz C6.R Corvettes, call: 1-800-858-6670 10AM to 9PM Eastern Standard Time. To review each offering, check out the below slideshow. Enjoy! – Scott

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