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1950s – 1960s-Style Cruising Car Apparel

Bowling Shirts, Rock’n Roll tees, Shirt Jacks, Poodle Skirts, Suzi-Q’s,
Chenille Patches, Satin Tour Jackets, Letterman Sweaters, Shoes, and MORE!

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You’ll be saying, “Cool, Daddy-O!”

Classic Bowling and Polo Shirts

 Bowling Tees & Bowling Gifts

 Performance Polo Shirts & Decorated Bowling Balls

Ladies Apparel & Fleece Pullovers

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Cardboard Classic Cars & Memory Lane, Blvd of Dreams Street Signs

Hollywood Legends & Classic Bobble Heads

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To access all of our groovy gear, just click on any of the above images. 

And you too will be a Big Daddy, Cool Cat, Boss with the Red Hot Sauce!
Cook’n & Cruise’n on Cloud Nine.
Cool-it, but don’t over-do-it, Big Daddy!
Wax up your flat-top, floor-it, burn some rubber, and haul ass!

Get with it and be a Hipster with a Hottie and a jelly roll.
There’ll be plenty of kicks on Route 66, with the, “like crazy, like WOW,” kooky chicks!
You’ll be made in the shade at the make-out scene, with the hostess with the mostess!
And don’t be a party-pooper at the passion pit or drop the clutch and peal out in your rag top rod.
It’s “See ya later, alligator” and “After a while, crocodile.”
Fire up that righteous rod, lay down some rubber, but don’t let the FUZZ  rattle your cage.
You might be ready to rumble, but don’t be cruise’n for a bruise’n!
When you’re at the submarine races and she’s stacked with all the aces, if you get shot down, just say,
“What’s the tale, nightingale? How’s about a burger and a malt?”
So, y’all be cool and don’t be fooled!
Ten-four, over, and OUT!