Grab A Glance Of The 2016 C7 Corvette Build Process: Video


How C7 Z06 Corvettes are built…

BY SEAN SZYMKOWSKI as republished from

Dateline: 8-7-15  It’s hard to take a closer look at manufactured goods, especially automobiles. Every piece and part has been welded, clipped and bonded together at a rate we couldn’t even begin to fathom. But, when we do peer into the manufacturing process, it’s astonishing. Take this video of the 2016 C7 Corvette Stingray for example.

The 2016 C7 Corvette recently made it onto Velocity‘s “How It’s Made: Dream Cars”, and the channel has provided a small sliver of the build process for us to gawk at. 



First, body panels are positioned along a conveyor, moving at the perfect speed for the rest of the assembly line. The body panels make their way into the primer booth, where robots speedily spray the panels down in no time. The conveyor then moves the panels into a baking oven, where they sit for 30 minutes.


Then, the human touch is involved, as Bowling Green, Kentucky employees begin correcting minor blemishes and touchups to the final paint coat.

We’re then brought into a separate portion of the build process. We see a gentleman beginning to assemble the final portions of the front end before the part is sent off for headlight installation. It’s also a fantastic look at General Motors’ latest innovative, and light, body material, TPO. We see the gentleman place each layer of TPO and essential innards, including the Corvette badge on the outside, before a robot uses supersonic sound waves to weld each portion.

It’s an incredible process, and this is only a small portion of entire operation. We encourage you to see how it’s made in the video right down below.





— Sean Szymkowski
Sean is a staff writer for GM Authority and Motrolix. When’s he’s not busy taking in local automotive culture, he’s probably detailing his car.