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Greenwood Stars and Stripes ‘69 Corvette Racer & Four Other Corvettes Go On the Block at RM Auctions Monterey Event 8.19.2011

Dateline: 8.18.11
Hot Vette Race Car Auction Action in Monterey!

In the tradition of the Grand Sport Corvettes, C3 "Shark" Vette race cars look TOUGH!

It’s the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance week in Monterey, California. On Friday, August 19, 2011 five Corvettes will be going on the block at the RM Auctions Monterey event.. Of the five cars, four are race cars, with the most prominent being the John Greenwood 1969 427 ZL-1 BF Goodrich “Stars and Stripes” race car. The other race cars include a ‘59 Fuelie, a ‘61 Fuelie, and a ‘73 SCCA/IMSA Coupe. The lone stocker is a black ‘60 Corvette.

If it happens that you will not be attending the event, fret not! You can watch the auction action LIVE! If you go to the RM Auctions homepage, HERE. Look for the “VIEW LIVE AUCTION” link with the green button with the triangle in the middle. The auctioning fun begins at 6:30 Pacific time and will run for four to five hours. Of the five Corvettes that will be going on the block, the Greenwood car will probably get the highest bids. Pre-auction expectations are that the car will go off for between $750,000 to $950,000!  With the current economy, it will be interesting to see how high the numbers go.

Here’s a review of the five Corvettes…

The Greenwood car is Lot #144. For full details, CLICK HERE.

The black ‘59 racer is Lot #176. For full details, CLICK HERE.

The white ‘61 Corvette racer car is Lot #159. For full details, CLICK HERE.

The black ‘60 stock Corvette is Lot #158. For full details, CLICK HERE.

The ‘73 SCCA/IMSA Corvette racer is Lot #164. For full details, CLICK HERE.

Auctions can be fast, furious, and a lot of fun. it takes a little time to develop the “ear” to follow the auctioneer, but if you’re new to auctions, you’ll catch on quickly. RM Auctions is even setup so that you can bid online. How cool is that?!

We’ll be following the action here at CorvetteReport.com and will post the results at the end of the auction. This is going to be FUN! – Scott

PS – For more information, visit the RM Auctions site, HERE.

No, Gordon Lightfoot will not be working the RM Auction, but this is a fun little tune!

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