Illustrated Corvette Series Book

Coming in 2010!

“The Illustrated Corvette Series” Book

Subtitle: The Illustrated History of the Corvette

from 1953 to 2010

by K. Scott Teeters


CarTech Books will publish a 144-page book version of Scott’s  Illustrated Corvette Series column, as seen every month in VETTE Magazine since 1997. The scope of the book will cover Corvettes from 1953 to 2010.

The actual cover will be in full-color and will feature all-new art.

Chapters to include:

  • Production Corvettes
  • Show Car Corvettes
  • Engineering & Prototype Corvettes
  • Tuner Corvettes
  • Corvette Engines
  • Racing Corvettes
  • Plus, Specualtion on the future C7 Corvette.

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The Illustrated Book Series Cover to feature new Color Art by Corvette Artist, K. Scott Teeters
The Illustrated Book Series Cover to feature new Color Art by Corvette Artist, K. Scott Teeters

144 Pages, measuring 8-1/2″ x 11″

with full-color soft cover.

Will Be Available at all Major Book Sellers,,, and this website.

Upon publication, autographed books will be available through and

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4 thoughts on “Illustrated Corvette Series Book

  1. Thanks for the engine spotters guide, it was fun to look through. I am the proud owner of a yellow 2008 coupe with one of the most awesome small blocks ever put under the hood of a base Corvette, the mighty LS3. Too bad it was one of the few (only ?) Corvette mills not included in your guide.

  2. Lee,

    Thank you for subscribing to the Corvette Report Update Newsletter. And I am glad you received your FREE EBook of the Corvette Engine Spotters Guide as we promised.

    Glad to read that you liked the free e-book.

    I like your expression, “the mighty LS3.” It IS an astonishing engine. 436-hp with the dual mode exhaust – WOW! I think a lot of younger car people forget, or aren’t aware that the 436-hp figure is “net” horsepower. Back in the olden days of the big-block stump pullers, HP figures were measured in what they called, “Gross Power” meaning without any engine add-ons at all – no fan, exhaust mufflers, power accessories, etc. So the published figures weren’t really “real” in the sense of what you get to tap into with your right foot.

    Measured the old way, the standard LS3’s power would be around 550-HP. That’s on par with a blueprinted L-88 from back in the day. Big difference being that you can live with the LS3 every day. The LS3 is really an amazing accomplishment that gets over shadowed by the Z06’s LS7 427 and the ZR1’s 638-HP LS9. Measured the old way, the LS9 would easily be in the 750-HP range!

    Lee, you’re giving me an idea for my Illustrated Corvette Series in VETTE Magazine. Perhaps in the next few months I’ll cover the LS3 and then add it to the e-book. Thanks for the suggestion. I think I’ll title the ICS article, “The Mighty LS3.”

    K. Scott Teeters

  3. Mr. Teeters,

    I was very pleasantly surprised to get a personal reply to my comment and would love to see you do an LS3 addition to your guide. I would be honored if you do end up calling it “The Mighty LS3”. I am glad to be a subscriber, thank you.


  4. Hi Lee,
    Actually, I like the idea so much, it’s going to be my next ICS column. Aside for ICS No. 150 that covered the ’63, ’96, and ’10 Grand Sports, I’ve been on a roll with much older Corvettes. So, it’s time to address something more modern. My slant on the story will be how the LS3 is taking a backseat to the LS9 and LS7. Considering that the slightly enhanced LS3 that comes in the manual ’10 Grand Sport can run the 1/4 mile in almost 12-second flat, it deserves a lot more attention than it gets. And I’m going to use your suggestion to title the article, “The Mighty LS3!”

    This will be ICS No. 154 and will run in the April issue that will be out in about 3 months. So, a BIG “thanks” to you, Lee!

    Save the Wave! – Scott

    PS – “Mr. Teeters” is my Dad, you can call me Scott.

    PSS – Did you read that the C7 is indefinitely on “hold”? Yea, I’m not surprised. Here a link…

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