Keith Busse Corvette Pace Car Collection Sells for $1,760,000!!! – VIDEO

Keith Busse puts his entire private collection of Corvette Pace Cars on the block at the Mecum Indy Auction.

Dateline: 6.4.18 – Here’s something you don’t see every day. Keith Busse had a fascination with Corvette Pace Cars. He bought his first Corvette Pace Car in the early 1980s, obviously a 1978 Corvette Pace Car. Then he got a 1986 Corvette Pace Car and just kept going.

Up until 2008 Chevrolet offered Corvette Pace Car replicas in limited quantities, so if you could afford the premium and acted quickly, you could own a Corvette Pace Car, minus the actual track hardware that typically included strobe lights and safety equipment. Corvette Pace Cars never needed any extra power enhancements because the basic car was more that capable of handling its task.

Eventually, Keith had 16 Corvette Pace Cars, including; two Official Pace Cars (one of which was a factory pilot car), four Official Track cars, five IMS authorized duplicate pace cars, and a Pace Car Edition from every year offered by Chevrolet. Of the factory Pace Car Replicas, four are Bloomington Gold Certified and NCRS Top Flight award winners. 

Well, like all collections, eventually the time comes to sell them to another good home. The 16 special Corvettes brought in a whopping $1,760,000 that will help finance the Keith Busse Automotive and Classic Art Foundation. Busse’s foundation will provide financial support to high education institutions and charitable organizations in Northeast Indiana.

Keith Busse is also an avid Indy 500 fan. He has been to every Indy 500 race, except for two, since 1966!

For more details and a slide show, visit the Mecum Auction webpage for this auction HERE!Scott


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Top Image Credit: Mecum Auctions