Long Term Corvette Relationship, Al Paer still owns the 1967 427 Corvette he bought in high school!

Al Paer and his 1967 427 Corvette prove that it can be worth getting good grades in high school!

Photo by: Ana Venegas, Staff Photographer for Orange County Register.

Dateline: 8-29-15 – There is a handful of cars that endear themselves to their owners; Corvettes, Mustangs, Shelbys, GTOs, and several others. But what makes Al Paer’s story so sweet is that Al has owned his 1967 427/435 Corvette roadster since he was in high school! Because Al was getting good grades in school, his Dad let him drive his ’62 Pontiac Tempest. In 1967, Al’s Dad let Al trade in the Tempest for a new ’67 427/435 Corvette Roadster. WHAT’A DAD!

Al has made the ’67 Roadster his own. He has added Hooker Header side pipes, L88 aluminum heads, performance camshaft, aftermarket chrome wheels, a front chin spoiler, beefed up suspension, and miscellaneous chrome bling. In 1987 Al repainted the car himself. It must be a beast and a hoot to drive. See, sometimes it pays to get good grades!

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Scott Teeters

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