Looking at C6 LS3 Small-Block Chevy Corvette Engine, The Mighty LS3

ICS 154 Article as Seen in Vette Mag

ICS 154 Article as Seen in Vette Mag

From a recent issue of Vette magazine

Written and Illustrated by Vette Columnist, K. Scott Teeters

Illustrated Corvette Series No. 154
The C6 LS3 Small-Block Chevy Engine “The Mighty LS3”

I believe that one day, we will look back at the first six years of the C6 and call them “The Golden Years of High-Performance Corvettes.”

LG Motorsports also hot-rodded an LS3 just to see how much more power was left in the engine. Using long-tube headers, a performance cam, ported heads, a cold-air intake, an under-drive pulley, and a custom ECM tune, the LG crew pushed output to 506.7 horses and 457.1 ft-lb of torque. Yes, this is one base engine that truly deserves the name “The Mighty LS3.”

Save the Wave,


Scott Teeters

Scott Teeters




Vette Magazine Article-ATalk  with One of LS3 Engine’s Creators

Motor Trend-Corvette LS3 Heads Down Under


K. Scott Teeters’ 11 X 17 print of this article as seen in Vette can be purchased at the link below.

Illustrated Corvette Series No. 154
The C6 LS3 Small-Block Chevy Engine
“The Mighty LS3”

ICS 154

ICS 154

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3 Responses to Looking at C6 LS3 Small-Block Chevy Corvette Engine, The Mighty LS3

  • Lee Kibbler says:

    Thank You Scott!
    You promised you would do it and like the man of your word that you are you have honored the LS3 as the incredible “base” engine it is in the perspective of Corvette history. I don’t expect you to remeber but I am the person who gave you such a hard time about the omission of the LS3 in you engine spotters guide and called it then the “Mighty LS3″. A I can’t tell you how proud and happy I was to see you call it that in your finished product. It is becayse of great people like you that I will always be proud to say I am a Corvette guy!

  • Hi Lee,
    Thanks for getting back to me. Oh, you didn’t give me a hard time, actually, I thought your suggestion was spot on – that’s why I titled the story, “The Mighty LS3.” Now I have to update my Engine Spotters Guide, which I will be doing in a few weeks, after I finish my “Illustrated Corvette Series book project for CarTech Books. Chapter 2 covers Corvette engines and “The Mighty LS3″ is part of that chapter. The book should be out by the Fall. When the book is available, we’ll be sending out an announcement. It’ll be available through Amazon, Cartech Books, retail sellers, such as Barns and Noble, etc. We’ll also be selling them on our sight and if you get one through us, I will be signing all of the books.
    Boy, oh boy, how about all the stuff going on in GM. They’re considering a “world” Corvette (<– PLEASE don't!) STRANGE times in Detroit, in general. I read last week that there are areas of the city that have become vacant ghost communities, and the city has decided to just let the land go back to natural. What'a show!
    Thanks again Lee. Drop us a line, anytime. Take care and Save the Wave! – Scott

  • I just found this site a while back when a friend of mine suggested it to me. I have been a regular reader ever since.

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