Make This 1968 Corvette SCCA B Class Racer Yours For Just $35,000


by Chris Demorro as republished from Corvette Online
SCCA B/Production vintage racers offer a balance between price, power and that raw racing sound

Dateline 11.28.15: Racing is a rich man’s sport for sure, though some forms of it are much more affordable than others. Essentially, the faster you want to go, the more you have to spend. SCCA B/Production vintage racers offer a balance between price, power and that raw racing sound. You can get behind the wheel of a period-correct SCCA race car for about the same price as a new Mustang GT or Camaro SS.

A perfect example is this 1968 Chevy Corvette Convertible B/Production race car up for grabs on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $35,000. There aren’t a lot of details to go by, but it does look ready to go racing, so what more do you really need to know?

Under the hood is a “period-correct small block” with no indication of displacement, meaning it could be a 305, 327, or most likely a 350.

The ad confirms that there’s a Muncie four-speed manual behind the motor, feeding a GM Positraction differential.

Positraction differentials transmit equal torque to both wheels when driving straight. When one wheel loses traction, the unit automatically provides more torque to the wheel that has traction.

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Open headers dump the exhaust just behind the front wheels in classic Corvette fashion, and a handful of tasteful, period-correct decals help add to the mood created by this race car’s look and feel.

Being a convertible, it’s a bit heavier than is probably desirable, but that also means you can pop the roof off while roaming pit road. Whether or not it’s street legal depends on where you live, though the low price and overwhelming popularity of both, the motor and the Corvette itself, mean this could be a comparatively low-priced entry into the world of racing.

Like we said before, it’s not exactly an inexpensive hobby, but it’s not impossible to pursue either if you can turn a wrench and know what you’re doing.