Marty Schorr’s “Car Guys Who Lunch” Car Club – Start Your own Chapter!

Dateline: 9.13.11
“There’s only ONE rule – Be a real car guy, or be GONE!”
– Martyn L. Schorr, OWner of Sarasoda Cafe Racers Car Club

Marty will probably blush over this, but I’ll say it. Marty Schorr has made a larger contribution to not just the Corvette world, but to automotive hobbyists all over. Marty was at the helm of High-Performance CARS magazine for nearly 20 years. But “CARS” wasn’t the only pub Marty drove. He was also editor of Chevy Action, Speed and Super Car, the founder of VETTE Magazine and Thunder-AM, plus dozens of CARS Annual special editions and a few dozen stand alone car books. His latest book “Motion Performance – Tales of a Muscle Car Builder” is the official history of the Baldwin-Motion experience, as told by the man that helped create the whole shebang! As front man for the Baldwin-Motion experience, Marty provided those wonderful, “in-your-face” PR, advertising, brochures, and catalog campaigns for the successful Phase III Supercars. The list just goes on and on. “Prolific” is an understatement. And now, we should also add “car club impresario” to Marty’s list of accomplishments.

Marty isn't late, but as Maitre d’ café & CCO (Chief Communications Officer), he likes to be at the restaurant first.

Car Guys Who Lunch started in 2003 when a group of dudes with gasoline in their veins got together for burgers and bench racing in a cafe in Sarasota, Florida. A good time was had by all with everyone agreeing, “Lets do it again!” Within a year, “Sarasota Cafe Racers” was officially launched, or should I say, “lunched.” (Arr, arr!) There are two aspects of Car Guys Who Lunch that make it so unique.

"Car guys" drive ALL KINDS of cars!

First, it’s a non-denominational car club – kind of a unitarian-like club. “What” you drive isn’t as important as your “passion” for driving and appreciation for unique automobiles. When the gang gets together for burgers and bragging, the issues, troubles, and concerns of the world are put on hold and the ONLY thing that exists is cars and a good lunch.
Second, if you like the concept, Marty and his team will help you start your own “Car Guys Who Lunch” chapter! How cool is that?! I told you, this guy just keeps giving to the car community!

So far, there are four chapters: Sarasota Cafe Racers, Boston Cafe Racers, Oldwick Cafe Racers, and my favorite, Tehran Cafe Racers. Yes, Tehran, as in, Tehran, Iran. I jokingly/seriously told Marty once that humanity should let car guys run the world. You can check out the Cafe Racers Satellites, HERE.

Got a tank? Bring it with you!

So, if you’re looking to broaden your horizons – be brave, take a dare, and step out of the camp. Look, I’ll admit it, when I was a young guy, I was a “Died in Wool” Corvette/Chevy guy. But as I’ve gotten older and had the opportunity to illustrated and write about all kinds of cars, I’ve developed a deep appreciation for all performance cars and automobiles with unique petegree. So, I invite you to visit, peruse around the site and if you’d like to start your own Car Guys Who Lunch chapter, Marty will be glad to help.

Bon Appetite! – Scott

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