Motion Maco Shark & Silva Maco Shark Gallery

Dateline: 1.17.1

The Motherload of Maco Corvette Photos!

Here's Dan McMichaels STUNNING, totally restored 1970 Motion Maco at the 2011 MCACN Show in Chicago. This car is arguably the finest Maco in existance.

Our Mako Shark Attack Week was a big hit (LOTS of visitors) and got the attention of what may well be two of the biggest Maco Shark fans out there in cyberland. The other day we had a brief note from Robert Egli complimenting one of the Mako Shark posts from our “Mako Shark Attack Week.” He wrote, “For more photos of Mako Sharks just check out the gallery above.” So I went to the link and WOW! I didn’t count the number of pictures Robert has on the page, but I spent at least an hour carefully looking over the collection of images. The cars range from stunning to junkyard specials, which is fairly typical of kit cars. To visit the Maco Gallery, CLICK HERE.

Some Maco kit cars didn't turn out so good.

The site is the work of Robert Egli from Switzerland and Steven M. Kuryla from California. Besides the Maco Gallery, the site has a comprehensive collection of everything related to the construction of a Maco Shark Corvette, from raw fiberglass to finding a donor car. There’s also an outline of some interesting future plans for a carbon fiber John Silva Tribute car, plus the construction of 10 new Maco Sharks using C5 Corvette suspension parts and a tube chassis. The site is loaded with build photos of every step of the process. If you’ve ever wondered how kit cars go together, this will answer many of your questions. Enjoy the Maco Gallery!  – Scott


Steven M. Kuryla and Robert Egli’s Mako Shark Tribute website.

Maco Shark Gallery

Dan McMichael’s 1970 Motion Maco

Mako Shark Attack Week!!! The 1961 Mako Shark

A Look Back At the First of Bill Mitchell’s STUNNING Non-running Mako Shark-II Corvette Concept Car

The Non-running Mako Shark-II totally jazzed GM’s management, the RUNNING Mako Shark-II was mind-blowing!

The 1969 Manta Ray Corvette Show Car – Bill Mitchell’s longer, lower, louder, sleeker Mako Shark

Mako Shark Attack Week!!! The Motion / Silva Macos – More Mako Shark-II that a Production C3 Corvette

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  1. wow, great to be mentioned and two of my past cars featured. The car featured as “Johnny Macos” car and the Moray GT are one in the same car, I know I owned it, cool car. I agree with you about the Reggie Fountain Mako, This is a 427/435 car, 4 speed, hone-o-drive, 36 gallon tank, wow, really cool stuff. anybody know were that car is now?

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