Vette Videos: Corvette Stingray Comcept Car at the Car Shows!

Dateline: 8.9.11
Until Chevrolet wants us to know what the C7 looks like, this is the best we can do…

We’ve covered the upcoming C7 Corvette from every angle here at Corvette Report. To access all of our C7-related posts, look at the top of the page for the “Search Gens” drop down in the red bar to catch all of our posts. Just today we launched a new section for your enjoyment titled, “Vette Videos” We have videos of all seven generation Corvettes, plus a section of Corvette racers. Look in the above red bar for the drop down menu. So to kick off the C7 category, we’re dishing up a few videos taken at car shows of the Corvette Stingray Concept / Transformers car.

More videos below…

As we mentioned in the post titled, “Illustrated Corvette Series No. 170 – Corvette Stingray Concept” the show car is NOT the C7 Corvette. That’s what Tom peters, chief Corvette designer told me in a phone interview in Spring 2011. Obviously, the appearance of the C7 is arguably a bigger secret that George Lucas’ next Star Wars movie, and we won’t know what the C7 looks like until Chevrolet decides to let us know.

Until then, let’s feast our eyes on the beautiful Corvette Stingray Concept. – Scott

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