NEW Corvette Prints! The Corvette Box of Candies

Dateline: 5.23.12

A colorful new addition to Scott Teeters’ collection of Corvette art prints!

To test drive our new site and design your Corvette print, CLICK THE ABOVE PICTURE. The vertical layout version is below.

Work continues on our new prints enterprise. In April 2012 we partnered with Fine Art America so that our Corvette art print customers could enjoy the many options afforded by FAA. Our latest offering, “Corvette Box of Candies” came as a happy result of working on our horizontal and vertical layouts of the Corvette Special Editions and Corvette Indy 500 Pace Cars layouts.

After I completed the graphics for the Special Editions and Pace Cars, it occurred to me that if I put them all on one layout, they’d look like a box of brightly colored, pretty, hard candies. You know those bright-colored, sweet, hard candies you often see in the display cases at Hallmark Card shops. Corvettes in the layout include all of the Special Edition Corvettes from the 1978 25 Anniversary Corvette to the 2011 Carbon Edition Z06, and Corvette Indy 500 Pace Cars from 1978 to 2008. So I ran the idea by the boss and she said, “Make it so, Dude!” So, the Dude, got’r done!

To test drive our new site and design your Corvette print, CLICK THE ABOVE PICTURE.

Partnering with Fine Art America avails our customers more options than I ever imagined. Take our 1×3 proportion layouts for instance. Layouts such as the above “Corvette Box of Candies” are available in sizes from 8” x 2.63” all the way up to 40” x 13.38”! You get to choose, depending on the size art you need for your home, office, or garage decor. Plus you can have your Corvette art print professionally framed with your choice of dozens of frame styles and colors, as well as single or double mattes with nearly 100 color selections.


The only down side to this new enterprise is that because there are so many new layouts to create, it has taken time away from the blog. But whereas writing stories covering the Corvette hobby is virtually endless, there are a finite number of images for me to create so the we have something to offer every Corvette owner and fan – ah, that would be around 500-plus layouts. But, as I told the Boss, “I’ll get’r done!”

So, stop by for a look-see and have fun playing with the layout, framing, matting, and paper options. What’s really cool about the site is that as you design how your prints will be framed and matted, you get to see what the combination will look like. So, you get to have fun and play until you get your print just the way you want. Enjoy! – Scott

Custom Sized, Custom Framed, Corvette Art!!!, HERE.



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