NEW “Special Edition Corvettes” Art Prints Series!!!

Color Laser and Giclee Special Edition Corvettes Prints Series

1978 to 2011 Special Edition Corvettes

Special Edition Corvettes 1978 to 2011

I have a very nice relationship with VETTE Magazine. Since 1976 I’ve been a contributing artist and writer with the magazine shortly after founding editor Marty Schorr started the first Corvette-only newsstand magazine. My monthly column, “The Illustrated Corvette Series” started in Spring of ‘97 and continues on. Next week I’ll be starting No. 165 that will cover the awesome Greenwood G572 C4 Corvette.

The November ‘10 issue of VETTE saw a major makeover for the publication. Corvette Fever is no more, as it has been merged with VETTE. The “new” VETTE is 3/8” taller and wider, has 16 more pages, better paper, and a perfect binding. The new VETTE looks EXCELLENT, my compliments to VETTE’s art department. Included was The Illustrated Corvette Series No. 162 – Part 1 of a two-part, two-page color article that covers the Special Edition Corvettes from 1978 to 2003. 2011 Atomic Orange Carbon Edition Z06 Corvette

2011 Carbon Edition Corvette

The December ‘10 issue of VETTE just came out and has Part 2 of my Special Edition Corvettes story, covering Special Edition Corvettes from 2004 to 2011. Now that both parts have been published, we are announcing our new series of Color prints featuring the 14 Special Edition Corvettes from the two articles, plus prints of the two Illustrated Corvette Series articles in the standard ICS layout, PLUS, a special montage print showing all 14 cars from the articles.

2008 Special Edition 427 Z06 Corvette

2008 427 Limited Edition Z06 Corvette

I created a “Special Edition Corvettes” page at with all of the Special Edition Corvettes I’ve covered so far – the new color prints, as well as the parchment prints created perviously. Here’s the link…

Prints start at $24.95 for the 11×17 color laser and $99.95 for the high-quality color Giclee prints made on heavy Somerset watercolor paper. Giclee print sizes include 11×17, 19×23, 25×30, and 33×40.

2007 Ron Fellows Z06 Special Edition

2007 Ron Fellows Z06 Special Edition Corvette

Sometime in ‘11 I’ll be doing a 2-page special feature on the wild race cars of John Greenwood. It’s not scheduled yet, but I’ll let you know here at CorvetteReport when it’s officially plugged into the schedule.

Save the Wave! – Scott

K. Scott Teeters

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