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Illustrated Corvette Series No. 162 – Special Edition Corvettes, Part II

A Look Back At Special Versions Of Chevy’s Special Sports Car, Part II

Illustrated Corvette Series No. 162 - Special Edition Corvettes Part II

11×17 Color Laser prints available at

The arrival of the ‘05 C6, and then the ‘06 Z06 created such a big splash, no one was expecting a special edition any time soon. So when the ‘07 Ron Fellows Special Edition Z06 was announced, Corvette fans were treated to what would become an almost yearly experience. Except for ‘10, there have been special edition Corvettes every year. IN ‘08 and ‘09, there were two special editions each year! Chevrolet was really getting into this “special edition” thing. Part II covers the special edition Corvettes from the ‘04 Commemorative Edition to the latest “to drool for” special-ed Vette, the ‘11 Carbon Edition.

So, parking brake released, engage first gear, and let’s go! Continue reading

NEW “Special Edition Corvettes” Art Prints Series!!!

Color Laser and Giclee Special Edition Corvettes Prints Series

1978 to 2011 Special Edition Corvettes

Special Edition Corvettes 1978 to 2011

I have a very nice relationship with VETTE Magazine. Since 1976 I’ve been a contributing artist and writer with the magazine shortly after founding editor Marty Schorr started the first Corvette-only newsstand magazine. My monthly column, “The Illustrated Corvette Series” started in Spring of ‘97 and continues on. Next week I’ll be starting No. 165 that will cover the awesome Greenwood G572 C4 Corvette.

The November ‘10 issue of VETTE saw a major makeover for the publication. Corvette Fever is no more, as it has been merged with VETTE. The “new” VETTE is 3/8” taller and wider, has 16 more pages, better paper, and a perfect binding. The new VETTE looks EXCELLENT, my compliments to VETTE’s art department. Included was The Illustrated Corvette Series No. 162 – Part 1 of a two-part, two-page color article that covers the Special Edition Corvettes from 1978 to 2003. Continue reading

Tom Falconer & James Mann C4 Corvette Book Review

Tom Falconer's Collector's Originality Cuide for Corvette C4

“Collector’s Originality Guide: Corvette C4 1984 – 1996” by Tom Falconer & Photography by James Mann

The introduction of the C4 Corvette in the Fall of ‘83 was a much anticipated automotive event. Times were tough through the ‘70s and no one anticipated in ‘68 that the new Mako Shark-inspired car would have a 15-model-year production run. And when you consider that the car was riding on a chassis designed in ‘60-’61 for the C2 Sting Ray, it’s all the more amazing that the late C3 cars set all-time sales records.

Just like all Corvettes from the beginning, the C4 was a car that was in constant evolution. Every year, Corvette Chief Engineer, Dave McLellan and his devoted crew of engineers and stylists made small improvements, with an occasional big leap forward. Little did we know when the C4 was first shown at the end of ‘83 that this Corvette generation would last almost as long as the C3 generation – 13 model years. Continue reading

The Last Baldwin-Motion Phase III GT Corvette!

Adam Tuckman’s “Dr. Rollings'” 1971 Baldwin-Motion Phase III GT Corvette To Debut At Muscle Car & Corvette Nationals!

Story & Photos by Martyn L. Schorr

1971 Baldwin-Motion Phase III GT Corvette

Intro: I was just a car-crazed lad when I saw my first Baldwin-Motion Phase III Corvette on the cover of CARS Magazine. The bright yellow machine had ‘67 side-pipes, the Baldwin-Motion signature-style ‘67 big-block Corvette hood scoop on top of the ‘68 big-block hood dome, a GTO hood-mounted tach, flares on the wheel openings and deep-dish Cragar mags. WOW! What’a sight! Joel Rosen made sure the cars had a heap’n help’n of red meat and Marty Schorr, CARS editor and Motion coconspirator, made sure there was plenty of sizzle!

Baldwin-Motion cars went on to delight Chevy lovers for years and quickly became legends. In ‘69, Rosen turned the Phase III Corvette to the Baldwin-Motion Phase III GT – the most expensive of all of the Baldwin-Motion cars. After specialty cars roll (or peal out) out the door, many live hard, hard lives, with less than happy endings. But then some become cherished members of their owners families. This is the story of a much loved and enjoyed Phase III GT Corvette.

So, with much delight, let me turn this story over to the ultimate Baldwin-Motion spin master, Martyn L. Schorr. Take it away, Marty! – KST

Dr. Rollings 1971 Phase III GT Corvette

Not all Vettes are red. Many of Duntov’s mule Corvettes were white – so were most of Bill Jenkins race cars and Jim Hall’s Chaparrels. Sano white was Dr. Rollings color  choice for his personal Grand Touring Corvette.

Purchased from the original owner’s family in 2008, Adam Tuckman’s 1971 Baldwin-Motion Phase III GT Corvette is the last built, highest-optioned and most original known. Between 1969 and 1971, Joel Rosen produced just 12 GTs. Continue reading

Bill Pierceall’s 612,000-Mile 1960 Corvette!


Hot Rod ’60 Corvette does America’s Four Corners

Pretty HOT-looking for a 50-year old babe! I’ll bet that Hemingway never drove anything like this!

Before The Corvette Report was a full-fledged blog, it was a monthly email newsletter. A regular feature of the newsletter was titled “Let’s Play Corvette Odd-Ball! Quirky Vette Factoids” In the October 2008 newsletter I posed the question, “What’s the highest mileage Corvette on record?” With a little help from former VETTE Magazine assistant editor, John Nelson, I reported on a VERY high-mileage Vette, owned by Bill Pierceall.

As of the 2008 report based on the June 2001 story in VETTE, Bill’s updated ‘60 Corvette had just over 500,000 miles on the odometer. In the ‘90s the car had been updated with a completely new ‘96 Grand Sport suspension and LT4 engine. The back end of the car had been widened 3-inches per side to cover the wide GS rear tires, dechromed of the side cove trim and the front fender top trim, and then painted pearl blue. I won’t retell the story, but you can check out the VetteWeb post with this link… <– there’s a typo on this page. The story is from 2001, not 2009.

The 2,900-pound machine is good for a 162-mph ride, limited by the C1’s aerodynamics and what Bill calls “the pucker factor.” (I think most of us can relate to that). Pierceall obviously followed Duntov’s instructions to the letter, to all Corvette owners to “Drive and ENJOY their Corvette!,” and then some! Continue reading

Coming Attractions For The Illustrated Corvette Series!

Scott Teeters Illustrated Corvette Series

1978 – 2003 Special Edition Corvettes

Things have been COOK’N here at Free Spirit Enterprises. Last month, not only was our Illustrated Corvette Series book released for publication, but we launched a new website, With those two big projects behind us, we’ll now have more time for The CorvetteReport blog.

So, here’s what’s coming up in The Illustrated Corvette Series, as well as some BIG NEWS at VETTE Magazine. Continue reading

Unique Corvette Laser Art Prints

Corvette Laser Art

C5 2001 – 2004 Zo6 Corvette Laser-Etched Art Print

How the New Corvette Laser Art Line Came to Be

by Illustrated Corvette Series Vette Magazine  Columnist and Book of Same Name Author, K. Scott Teeters

Apple Computer spokesperson, Guy Kawasaki is famous for saying, “The “idea” for a thing is the easy part. The hard part is the implementation.” That statement is spot on for hot we came to be  offering our new line of Laser-Etched Corvette prints. Continue reading

C7 Split-Window Coupe Corvette Concept by K. Scott Teeters’

Will a Split-Window Coupe Sting Ray Be the Next Generation C7 Corvette?

by Illustrated Corvette Series Vette Magazine  Columnist and Book of Same Name Author, K. Scott Teeters

K. Scott Teeters C7 Corvette Concept Art

A few months ago  on this blog, I published a post titled, “Today’s C7 Corvette Concept Cars – Revving You Up, or Stalling You Out?”.  Between the big shakeup at GM and numerous magazine speculation stories about the next generation Corvette, I decided to weigh in on two of the concept Vettes that had been getting a lot of ink. It was a challenging post because, honestly, the Transformers/Centennial car had left me lukewarm. But to be fair in my analysis, I looked very carefully at both cars with the questions, “What do I like? What don’t I like?” Once I looked beyond the cartoonish front and rear Cadillac-like gills, I was surprised to see a lot that I did like. And the more I looked at the Transformers/Centennial car, the more I wanted to uncap my pens and fix it! Continue reading

Illustrated Corvette Series Book to Order!

Illustrated Corvette Series the Book by Corvette Writer and Artist, K. Scott Teeters is now available!

You may place Your Order for a Signed Copy from the author/artist.

I have an ENTIRELY new respect for what it takes to make a book! After 13 years in the making ( Illustrated Corvette Series the Column appears monthly in Vette magazine) and over six months of production work, we’re happy to announce that “The Illustrated Corvette Series” book is now available for purchase. But you can be among those to receive this greatly anticipated book signed personally by the author and the artist.
Continue reading

Today’s C7 Corvette Concept Cars – Revving You Up, or Stalling You Out?

Are These C7 Corvette Styling Concepts Making You Warm?

We want your opinion, and here is mine.

This is the Centennial/Transformers Movie/C7/Concept Corvette

This is the Centennial/Transformers Movie/C7/Concept Corvette

(Editor’s Note: One of the cool things about running a blog, such as this one, is that we can track the popularity of the topics we post. So far, this post has garnered the most number of hits, telling us that there’s LOTS of interest in what’s in store for the C7 Corvette. After writing this post I was inspired to create a set of drawings that reflect my critique of the Transformers/Centennial concept car shown in this post.  The illustrations appeared in my VETTE Magazine column in the October 2010 issue as a 2-page center spread. After the publication of the illustrations, I posted the article titled, “K. Scott Teeters’ C7 Split-Window Coupe Concept Corvette.” So, after reading this post, we invite you to check out the illustrations that reflect the comments below. I included photos of the real concept car and scans of the art so that you can clearly see how I came to my design. So, enjoy the post below, or CLICK HERE to jump ahead to the post with the illustrations. KST)

I want to address the issue as a Corvette enthusiast and an artist with a car designer’s heart, of some of the C7 Corvette concept cars we’ve seen so far. I’m going to give my critique of just the shapes. I’ll tell you what I like and why, what I don’t like, and why. I think the recent magazine articles for these cars are just a lot of PR speculation – some red meat for the fans. But I’m most interested in what YOU think of the styling of these cars. So let’s read what I think and then you send me your opinion at the end in the comments section, Okay?

When I told my wife what the sub-title of this article would be, she said, “Oh, don’t use that sexual expression.” I explained that sports cars are about sex. Driving them is a sensual experience – you don’t just “ride” in a sports car, you “DRIVE” the sports car. The hottest sports cars will always catch your breath. Even the old classics. That’s one of the cool things about owning a Corvette. Even people that don’t know what it is, (other than, just a “car”) will say, “WOW! What kind of car is that?” Continue reading

Motorists, Beware! No More 5-MPH Cushion!

Here's Lookin' at You!


Several weeks ago, while listening to Gerald Clemente on a talk show radio program, Gerald mentioned that the previous weekend in the State of Virginia, almost 7,000 traffic tickets were issued in ONE WEEKEND!

As townships and states all across the Union are feeling the pressure of this Depression, they are turning to police to help raise money through vehicle or traffic citations. Small towns are installing surveillance cameras at intersections that can catch drivers cutting a fast yellow light, running a red, not coming to a full stop, not stopping behind the line, etc. The camera catches license plate numbers and a computer sends the ticket in the mail. I think that soon they’ll just debit your checking account. Continue reading

Corvette Oddball: Did Chevy Ever Build a Drag Racing Corvette?

Dateline: 8.10.2010
Answer: Not for actual drag racing competition. (now THAT would have been interesting) But they did build a dragster Vette, just to show off a little.

69 Corvette Engineering Study

69 454 ZL-1 Corvette Drag Racing Engineering Study


The introduction of the four wheel, independent suspension in the ’63 Sting Ray was a major breakthrough for road racers, but left drag racers with tons of rear suspension broken parts. Let’s face it, the production independent rear suspension was never designed for those brutal drag racing starts. Corvette engines, small and big-blocks have never had a problem producing lots of power. Too much power for the Corvette’s rear suspension.

Although there were a few successful drag racing Corvettes that included Bo Laws, Astoria-Chas, and Bernie Agman, most drag racers used the solid-axle Camaros, Novas, and C1 Corvettes.

At the ’70 press introduction in the Summer of ’69, Chevrolet had a specially prepared ’69 Corvette engineering design study set up for drag racing.  Actually, it was the same car used the previous year to show off the ’69 ZL-1 engine. Duntov and his crew wanted to show off the awesome power potential of an even bigger ZL-1.

Chevrolet’s Hib Hufstader and Tom Langdon built the flaming orange, drag race prepared Corvette with a 454 cubic-inch version of the all-aluminum ZL-1 with a modified Turbo Hydra-Matic automatic, open 180-degree headers, and racing slicks for the press to “play with.”The menacing-looking Monaco Orange ZL1 was a press darling. Duntov enjoyed keeping the automotive press happy. Continue reading

The Corvette Factories by Mike Mueller, A Review

The Corvette Factories

The Corvette Factories

The Corvette Factories: Building America’s Sports Car by Mike Mueller, A Book Review

By K. Scott Teeters

Mike Mueller Gives the Tour and Shows Us How Corvettes Are Built

Until Chevrolet’s Bowling Green Assembly plant started offering the Corvette Museum Delivery option (RPO-R8C) most Corvette fans probably never thought they could actually see how Corvettes are built. What’s the assembly line like? What are the conditions inside the building? For most of us, you place your order for what you want on your Vette and it arrives. We all know that Corvettes aren’t hatched, they are made on an assembly lines, but the important part is taking delivery and driving! Continue reading

Rarer Than Rare – 2009 Special Edition Corvettes

Sold 2009 Corvette Special Editions Are Few In Number!

By Illustrated Corvette Series Columnist & Artist, K. Scott Teeters

Down Economy Creates Rarest Corvette Special Editions

2007 Ron Fellows Special Edition Z06

Today’s down economy is no secret. Since late 2008 Detroit’s problems have been well publicized and now it looks like the “can do no wrong” Asian companies are in the hot seat as well. According to Edmunds Auto Observer, Chevrolet sold 13,934 Corvettes for ‘09 – the lowest sales figure since 1961! Since the entire sports car market took a dive, Corvette had a lot of company. It’s not that the market doesn’t want sports cars, but to quote one of my least favorite politicians, “It’s the economy, STUPID.” Continue reading

Design by Committee Cars Do Not Work-A Global Corvette? No.

Design by Committee GM Cars Do Not Work! A Global Corvette? PLEASE!

Subtitle: Is the next Corvette headed for Hall of Design Shame? A Look at Corvette History for American Design Inspiration.

By K. Scott Teeters

2010 Grand Sport Corvette

2010 Grand Sport Corvette

Is There Something WRONG With This 2010 Corvette???

You can tell the the Corvette rumor mill has been starved for a scrap of red meat. On March 8, 2010, AutoWeek served up a short, hot little article that made the Corvette blogosphere explode. Here’s a link to the AutoWeek article…

The comments are breathtaking and I won’t even get into them. I’ll just stick to Ed Welburn’s statements. Continue reading

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