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“Corvette Oddball!” Grumpy’s Toy – A Corvette?

Let’s Play, “Corvette Oddball!”
Quirky Vette Factoids

Grumpy’s Toy- A Corvette?

by K. Scott Teeters

Hey! No mailbox hood scoop and Lakewood traction bars???

Hey! No mailbox hood scoop and Lakewood traction bars???

Question: Is the “Grumpy” Corvette for real?

Answer: I’m going to make a broad assumption that everyone reading this knows who Bill “Grumpy” Jenkins is. If not, we’re going to have to suspend your drivers license for a month while you take Muscle Car and Nostalgia Drag Racing Sensitivity Training Classes. Test at the end.

But seriously folks, Bill Jenkins is a true living legend, right up there with Zora Arkus-Duntov, A.J. Foyt, Don Garlits, and lots more. Da’ Grump doesn’t live too far from the Carlisle Fairgrounds – just up the PA Turnpike a ways. Back in 2007at the Corvettes at Carlisle Show,  it seemed that the bright guys from K. C. Kerbeck, in Atlantic City, NJ thought it would be a lot of fun to dress up an out of the box, $44,950 Corvette with a few official Corvette accessory items, add some stripes, letter the car with “Grumpy”  and “JENKINS/KERBECK” graphics. Then, to really send up the flag, they got the grumpy one himself to come by on Saturday, sign autographs, and grunt through endless bench racing stories. Continue reading

Pumpkin Run, Eclectic Car Show in SJ Pine Barrens

The 14th Annual Pumpkin Run at Fleming’s, Egg Harbor, NJ

Blast From The Past Car Show
At the Perfect Motorhead Hangout, An Old Junk Yard!

Amazing Sights, Sounds and Smells on a Beautiful Fall Day!

by K. Scott Teeters

OnePumpkinrunflagI’ve been a “car guy” for the last 45 years. That means I’ve been to LOTS of car shows. The whole purpose of a “car show” is to show off your car. So, most car shows are usually held in a “nice” place, you know, civic centers, convention centers, car dealerships, parks, quaint downtown streets, race tracks, and boardwalks. Flemings Auto Parts in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey is what I call, an “old fashioned junk yard.” They probably prefer “salvage yard,” but unlike most of the salvage yards I’ve visited, with the junk cars all lined up in rows with letter-number designations for easy location, Flemings Auto Parts is a meandering, sprawling “yard” with ALL KINDS of old machines.

What a PERFECT place for a car show! Continue reading

2009 SEMA intros Grand Sport Heritage Package

SEMA Attendees Treated to Corvette Grand Sport Eye Candy
GM’s Heritage Package a Sweet Eye-Full!

Upon reading about all the action at SEMA, I see that Corvette watchers got an unexpected eye-full at the Show last week. Just when you might have thought the new Grand Sport couldn’t get any sweeter, POW! right in the kisser with the stunning Grand Sport Heritage Package. The new Cyber Gray shows off the lines of the C6, as if the body had been carved from a solid chunk of pyrite or some material made by the BORG. Continue reading

2010 Grand Sport Corvettes are “Covered”!

Major Car Magazines Feature 2010 Grand Sport Corvette on Covers!

Corvette’s 2010 Grand Sport is the reanimation of what is arguably Chevrolet’s most exotic Corvette namesake.

by K. Scott Teeters

Have you noticed the extensive coverage of  the new 2010 Grand Sport? And it seems that the reanimation of what is arguably Chevrolet’s most exotic Corvette namesake has spurred new interest in the original ‘63 Grand Sport as well. I thought it would be fun to take an over view of the automotive press’ take on the new Vette.  Generally, everyone was more than impressed, especially when you factor in the $57,310 price tag and it’s only a few ticks slower than the $73,000-ish Z06. Nothing against the Z06. To me, the Z06 is what an L-88 might have been like with a little more development for the street. Continue reading

Illustrated Corvette Series Book

Coming in 2010!

“The Illustrated Corvette Series” Book

Subtitle: The Illustrated History of the Corvette

from 1953 to 2010

by K. Scott Teeters


CarTech Books will publish a 144-page book version of Scott’s  Illustrated Corvette Series column, as seen every month in VETTE Magazine since 1997. Continue reading

2010, 96, 63 Grand Sport Corvettes

Illustrated Corvette Series No. 150 — 1963, 1996, & 2010

Grand Sport Corvette –

“Three Generations of Grand Sport Corvettes”

Illustrated and Written by K. Scott Teeters

Grand Sport Montage by K. Scott Teeters
Grand Sport Montage by K. Scott Teeters


Introduction by Vette magazine  Writer and Artist K. Scott Teeters

For The Illustrated Corvette Series, the timing could not have been better. On April 24, 2009, Chevrolet dropped a bunker buster at the 12th annual C5/C6 Corvette Birthday Bash Continue reading

Five Key Corvette Players

The Five Key Players That Forged the Corvette
by K. Scott Teeters

Corvette Illustrations Courtesy of Artist, K. Scott Teeters

I was just a little kid when I discovered the world of Corvettes one day at Haddonfield Chevrolet, in Haddonfield, NJ. I was with my big brother Bob and he had just purchased a beautiful ‘57 Chevy 2-door Coupe. Continue reading

C7 Corvette Due Date?

When is that C7 Corvette Coming Out, Detroit?

I’ll Believe It When I See It. C7 Musings

by K. Scott Teeters

2010 Grand Sport Corvette Top View

2010 Grand Sport Corvette Top View

I Smell Something has had several speculation posts concerning the C7 Corvette. I hate to be the one to say it, but I’m smelling some PR-BS here. Continue reading

Grand Sport Legend

The Amazing Legend of the Grand Sport Corvette

How  a passionate Corvette engineer created the Grand Sport Racing Machine to be one of the fastest and most fierce in all the land. Continue reading

Vettes in Glasstown 09

Vettes in Glasstown 2009 and

a Wonderful 63 Corvette Coupe Surprise

by K. Scott Teeters

Corvettes in Glasstown photo by Cliff Shields

Vettes in Glasstown - photo by Cliff Shields

Beautiful Day for Vettes in Vineland, NJ

There’s an old saying about the weather in New Jersey. “If you can live in Jersey, you can live anywhere!” Continue reading

Vette Polls: Should the C6 ZR1 Corvette Chassis be the Basic C7 Chassis?

Cast Your C7 Corvette Vote!

Should the current ZR1 all-aluminum chassis be the foundation for the base model C7 Corvette?

View Results

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ZR1 Corvette Chassis Display:
Corvette Chassis Engineering At Its Best!

2010 Corvette as seen at the Corvettes at Carlisle GM Engineers' Tent

The New ZR1 Corvette as seen at the Corvettes at Carlisle GM Engineers' Tent

An off-the-showroom-floor ‘09 or ‘10 ZR1 Corvette could walk away from most of the Corvette racers on display by 20 to 70 mph… with the air conditioner and stereo on!

I don’t believe that it’s possible to look at an ‘09 or ‘10 ZR1 Corvette and yawn. Continue reading

Henderson on C7

Detroit Fox Station airs Live Chat Room:

Ask GM President and Ceo Fritz Henderson

Hosted by Lunch Money newsperson, Murray Feldman.

GM Ceo Answers Questions.

GM Ceo Answers Questions.

GM President Henderson answers the Corvette C7 debut date question or does he?

Fritz Henderson was on today (9-3-09) for one hour taking chat room questions. Continue reading

Corvette Racers’ Theme 09 Carlisle

2009 Corvettes at Carlisle Show gets hit by Heavy Rain

2009 Le Mans Winning C6.R Racer

2009 Le Mans Winning C6.R Racer

This year’s theme was Corvette race cars and WOW, were there plenty of old and new Corvette warriors on hand. Let’s face it, if you take “racing” out of the Corvette story, it’s like pizza without sauce and cheese, or spaghetti without meatballs! On hand was the 2009 Le Mans-winning C6.R. I thought it was VERY cool that they left most of the racing dirt on the car. Nothing like that “racing-dirt patina,” you know. Continue reading

C7 Corvette Speculation

What will inspire  and influence the new Chevrolet Corvette C7?

Corvette Lovers Dream On….

The blogosphere and webosphere have been blah blahhing quite a bit in the last few months as to just what changes inside and out may occur with the upcoming and greatly anticipated C7 Corvette. If you read the other post here on Corvette Report  on the Corvette in Peril, you know the economy will most likely slow down the production of this next generation. That aside, Corvette lovers dream on. Here are a few links to get the conversation going and a few well thought out responses to how things may shake out/ shape up. WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Read and View these Links FIRST: Continue reading

Future of the Corvette C7 In Peril?

Is The Future of the Corvette In Peril?

“Could”  there be a C7 Corvette?

By K. Scott Teeters

Blogosphere C7 Corvette Speculation.

It’s interesting to see how the blogosphere has stoked the C7 conversation. Last week GM got some positive press with the announcement of the EPA mileage estimates for the new Chevy Volt – upwards of 230 mpg! That’s interesting, but as plug-in hybrids make their way into the market, the manufacturers and the EPA will have to come up with a different way of estimating their figures. I work out of my home and sometimes don’t drive my car for days.  Sometimes I fill up as little as once every 6 weeks! A plug-in could keep me going for a year without buying gasoline. The fuel would go bad before I’d use all of it! But the killer in the story was the price of the Volt – $40,000! It’s an interesting car, not “bad” looking and nothing “original,” but how many do they really think they’ll sell when the Honda Insight is about half the price and the Prius is two thirds the price of a Volt? Continue reading

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