Z06 Review, Pt. 7 – 2004 Commemorative Edition Z06 Corvette

The 2004 C5 Corvette Goes Out With a ROAR With the Commemorative Edition Z06 Corvette Dateline: 9.18.22 – This story and art were part of my Illustrated Corvette Series for VETTE magazine. The C5 Z06… Read MoreRead More

The Larry Lipsitz Classic Performance Corvette Collection, Pt. 1

Duntov considered all Corvette customers to be “his” customers and wanted them to “drive and enjoy” their cars. While survivor Corvettes such as Larry’s shouldn’t be used as daily drivers, his are indeed driven and enjoyed regularly. Larry drives all of his performance Corvettes about once a month and feeds them high-octane racing fuel. They like it that way. Read More

Old Red: The Beast, the Baddest of all Street Vettes in 1969!

This isn’t a car that you drive casually, you definitely have to DRIVE the car. The big-block engine is super responsive with the three two-barrel carburetors. Between the horsepower and torque of the L89 and the optional 4:11 gears, the car delivers amazing acceleration; frightening, if one isn’t used to that kind of raw acceleration. Read More

George Haddad; Corvette Re-Creation Maker, Pt. 1

Dateline: 8-3-22, Photos by K. Scott Teeters, except where noted. This story first appeared in the July 2022 issue of Vette Vues Magazine – When you grow up in Detroit in the ’50s and ’60s… Read MoreRead More

Z06 Corvette Review, Pt. 5 – The Grady Davis 1963 Z06 Race Car

Grady Davis’ Successful 1963 Z06 Corvette Becomes a Million Dollar Collectible Dateline: 7-20-22 Graphics and illustrations by K. Scott Teeters, this story first appeared in the February 2010 issue of Vette magazine. Intro: Details keep… Read MoreRead More

Z06 Corvette Review, Pt 2 – The ORIGINAL Z06 – the 1963 Z06 Corvette

Corvette racers never had a better friend than Zora Arkus-Duntov. For the most part, Zora was good at sidestepping GM’s “we don’t race” edict. For those who knew what to look for, there were always plenty of “heavy-duty” and “off-road” options for Corvettes. As the new Sting Ray was being prepared for the ’63 launch, Duntov assembled the most advanced Corvette box racer to that date – the Z06. Read More

Mike & Linda Waal’s Grand Touring (GT) 1980 Corvette

See the USA in a Chevrolet, CORVETTE! Dateline: 4-5-22 (this story was first published in the April 2018 issue of Vette Vues Magazine) – The term “GT” is arguably one of the most misused automotive… Read MoreRead More