NEW Classic C3 1980 Corvette Canvas Art Prints Now Available!

We have another new print in our Etsy Shop, “ManCaveCarArt”, as recently seen in my latest Corvsport article. 1980 C3 Corvette 12″ x 18″ or 16″ x 24″ Canvas Poster –-> CLICK HERE!    … Read More

Fred & Alcy Panasik’s Matching His & Hers 1980 Corvettes

Late in 1979, just after the 1980 Corvette came out, Fred and Jean started looking for a dealer in south Florida that would give them a deal on two Corvettes. Because Corvettes were in demand, many dealers were marking up their Corvettes, but Sark Chevrolet Center, in North Miami Beach, Florida was willing to make a deal. Fred and Jean got $1,000 off the MSRP, a pretty good deal, all things considered. Read More

Mike & Linda Waal’s Grand Touring (GT) 1980 Corvette

See the USA in a Chevrolet, CORVETTE! Dateline: 4-5-22 (this story was first published in the April 2018 issue of Vette Vues Magazine) – The term “GT” is arguably one of the most misused automotive… Read MoreRead More

WINNER of our January 2018 “Vette of the Month Photo Contest” – Mike Waal’s 1980 GT Corvette

Mike Waal from Maryland builds a Super Sano 1980 Corvette so that he and his wife Linda can “See the USA in their Chevrolet, CORVETTE!” Dateline: 2-4-18, Photos by Mike Waal – Mike Waal took… Read MoreRead More

Let’s Play, Corvette Odd-Ball: FOR SALE – 1980 Four-Door Corvette

I’ve worked as a designer at Tyco Toys and Mattel Mt. Laurel in the R&D department. The ONLY way that bone headed ideas ever get past the verbal stage is if an executive makes the suggestion. Then you have to build one just to show the Mensa Society genius that it’s a dorky idea. A prototype 4-seater Sting ray was cobbled together and the story goes that an executive got stuck in the back seat and needed a lot of help to get out! I never heard of what happened to the prototype, but it probably went straight to the crusher where it belonged. Fortunately, that seemed to get Chevrolet off the four-seater Corvette forever. Read More

Corvette Timeline Tales – August

The only thing hotter than an August day in Michigan was the all-new, 1963 Corvette Sting Ray. The GM Proving Ground was first opened in 1924 and was the industry’s first dedicated automobile testing facility. Located in Milford, Michigan, the facility is huge and today has 4,000 acres, 107 buildings, and employs around 4,800 people. Some say that in the summer months, out on the 4,000 acre black asphalt surface, the temperature can reach 140-degrees! Read More

The Larry Lipsitz Classic Performance Corvette Collection, Pt. 1

Duntov considered all Corvette customers to be “his” customers and wanted them to “drive and enjoy” their cars. While survivor Corvettes such as Larry’s shouldn’t be used as daily drivers, his are indeed driven and enjoyed regularly. Larry drives all of his performance Corvettes about once a month and feeds them high-octane racing fuel. They like it that way. Read More