SUDDENLY, It’s 1980 Again!

Inflation Smacks the Corvette world!

Dateline: 6.14.22 – Alright, Corvette friends, time for a history lesson. I thought I’d never see this again!

Take out your Corvette Black Book, turn to the 1978 Corvette page, and read the base price of the Corvette in 1978 – $9,351.

Now go to the 1982 Corvette page and read the base price of the Corvette, just four model years later, it was $18,290.

That’s just $412 less that DOUBLE the price of the 1978 Corvette.

Yesterday, Chevrolet announced a price increase of $2,300

Today it was reported that the new rate of inflation is now at a 40-year high of 8.6-percent.

The two main drivers of this inflation are; 1. excessive government spending/borrowing, and 2. the shutting down of American energy and the record high price of oil ($119.60 WTI Crude today, 6-14-22).

And the new National Average price of gasoline is $5.01, 15 cents more than one week ago. And a few weeks ago, President Biden said there is little we can do about this. I’m NOT being “political”, that’s what the man said.

So, the cost of everything, including Corvettes, will continue to rise.

Suddenly, it’s 1980 again, and I DON’T like it! – Scott