Dude! Where’s the Rest of My C6 2008 Corvette?!?!

Dateline: 12.8.11

A TOTALLY EXPOSED 2008 Corvette Chassis, Engine, & Suspension

(Check out the slide show at the bottom of this post.)

To check out the eBay listing, click the above image.

Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m a chassis freak. I love looking at the fiberglass shapes of all Corvettes, to me they are never boring or dull. But I have an equal passion for what’s going on UNDER all the pretty fiberglass and carbon fiber. What holds the car together? What do the suspension parts look like? What makes the car handle the way it does? Without the right stuff under the body, you could end up with a car that looks like a million bucks draped over a VW Beetle or Pontiac Fiero platform. No matter how cool-looking most of those kit cars are, once you fire on up and drive away, if it’s a Beetle or Fiero underneath, THAT’S ALL YOU GET.

We have a large eBay store and the other day while looking up something on eBay, I happened upon another bare, naked Corvette chassis. This one is a 2008 with the LS3 engine, air flow meter, six-speed manual transmission, shifter, transmission harness, complete suspension, brake system, wheels, tires, wiring harness, exhaust system, body harness, emergency brakes, fuel tanks, and more. Continue reading “Dude! Where’s the Rest of My C6 2008 Corvette?!?!”