2010 Production Corvettes, Grand Sport, Z06 & ZR1

The Return of the Grand Sport & Boutique Corvettes”

The Grand Sport option is available in all colors, enabling customers to personalize their ride.

In retrospect, ‘09 can be best summed up with a Charles Dickens quote from his classic book, A Tale of Two Cities, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” 2009 should have been an awesome year for Corvettes. But it turned out to be the worst sales year since ’61. Sales went from 35,310 units in ‘08 to just 13,934 for ’09 – a 60-percent drop! Of course, this lead to a lot of internet speculation that the bottom has dropped out of the sports car market, because nearly all sports car marquees saw sales plummet. So, people don’t want sports cars, now? Hardly. It’s the economy, stupid! Continue reading “2010 Production Corvettes, Grand Sport, Z06 & ZR1”

2009 SEMA intros Grand Sport Heritage Package

SEMA Attendees Treated to Corvette Grand Sport Eye Candy
GM’s Heritage Package a Sweet Eye-Full!

Upon reading about all the action at SEMA, I see that Corvette watchers got an unexpected eye-full at the Show last week. Just when you might have thought the new Grand Sport couldn’t get any sweeter, POW! right in the kisser with the stunning Grand Sport Heritage Package. The new Cyber Gray shows off the lines of the C6, as if the body had been carved from a solid chunk of pyrite or some material made by the BORG. Continue reading “2009 SEMA intros Grand Sport Heritage Package”

2010 Grand Sport Corvettes are “Covered”!

Major Car Magazines Feature 2010 Grand Sport Corvette on Covers!

Corvette’s 2010 Grand Sport is the reanimation of what is arguably Chevrolet’s most exotic Corvette namesake.

by K. Scott Teeters

Have you noticed the extensive coverage of  the new 2010 Grand Sport? And it seems that the reanimation of what is arguably Chevrolet’s most exotic Corvette namesake has spurred new interest in the original ‘63 Grand Sport as well. I thought it would be fun to take an over view of the automotive press’ take on the new Vette.  Generally, everyone was more than impressed, especially when you factor in the $57,310 price tag and it’s only a few ticks slower than the $73,000-ish Z06. Nothing against the Z06. To me, the Z06 is what an L-88 might have been like with a little more development for the street. Continue reading “2010 Grand Sport Corvettes are “Covered”!”

2010, 96, 63 Grand Sport Corvettes

Illustrated Corvette Series No. 150 — 1963, 1996, & 2010

Grand Sport Corvette –

“Three Generations of Grand Sport Corvettes”

Illustrated and Written by K. Scott Teeters

Grand Sport Montage by K. Scott Teeters
Grand Sport Montage by K. Scott Teeters


Introduction by Vette magazine  Writer and Artist K. Scott Teeters

For The Illustrated Corvette Series, the timing could not have been better. On April 24, 2009, Chevrolet dropped a bunker buster at the 12th annual C5/C6 Corvette Birthday Bash Continue reading “2010, 96, 63 Grand Sport Corvettes”

Grand Sport Legend

The Amazing Legend of the Grand Sport Corvette

How  a passionate Corvette engineer created the Grand Sport Racing Machine to be one of the fastest and most fierce in all the land. Continue reading “Grand Sport Legend”