C7 Corvette Split-Window Coupe “Option”?

If a “Split-Window” option was available on the C7 Corvette, would you order your C7 with one?

This is the photo from the Car and Driver story.

I Photoshopped the split-window out of the rear window on this photo.

If you were buying a new 2013 C7 Corvette and the "Split-Window Coupe" was an option, would you get one?

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Last week I talked about the Car and Driver C7 update from their April 2011 issue. Among all the rehashed jib-jab, there was one tantalizing paragraph. The seventh paragraph says…

“More startling, it seems certain that the coupe’s going-away view will feature a split rear window – ‘a la the one-year Sting Ray coupe of 1963 – though in this case it will be an optional feature. Chevrolet first signaled its interest in reviving the split-window by outfitting the Stingray concept vehicle with one. Yes, that’s the one that appeared in the second Transformers movie.”

In my initial hunt for some technical/technical red meat in the story, I kind of skipped by the above detail. The rearview image from the Car and Driver story (quite possibly a styling study) shows a split-window, although due to the low angle of the image, it’s easy to not notice. Continue reading “C7 Corvette Split-Window Coupe “Option”?”