Bill Mitchell’s 1970 “Scirocco” Corvette Show Car


art and  words by K Scott Teeters for Vette magazine, republished from Super Chevy
Trend Setting – Part 12: A look back at Chevrolet’s experimental, prototype, concept car, and show car Corvettes

The Aero Coupe Becomes the Scirocco

Dateline November 2015: It is not known when a lowly 1968 Corvette coupe was pulled off the St. Louis assembly line and given a most unusual life. Corvettes are built to be driven and enjoyed by customers; however, this Cinderella Corvette was destined to be a beauty queen in a gilded cage. The designers and craftsmen at Chevrolet Styling were capable of beautiful work. They could have broken off and become their own custom coach-builders. Continue reading

Bill Mitchell’s 1970 “Scirocco” Corvette Show Car”