Duntov Files, Pt. 6 – Zora Looks Back at the 1963 Grand Sport Adventure

This story, “Zora Looks Back” offers some interesting insights into Duntov’s tenure at GM, as well as the “Lightweight Grand Sport Corvette” experience. For instance, Duntov said, “It was a quick and dirty sledgehammer project that we put together in a couple of months. There were so many compromises and constraints that we made something of which I am not particularly proud.” Interesting. Well, we sure love them! Read More

Corvette Timeline Tales: 9.13.01 – TV Show Route 66 Inducted into Cruisin’ Hall of Fame at Route 66 Rendezvous 4-Day-Event in San Bernardino, CA – Vids

Actor and star of “Route 66” Martin Milner accepted the award. Dateline 9.13.15 (videos at the end of this post) – What a cool concept for a weekly TV drama. Two dudes, tooling around America, working odd jobs, looking for adventure, flirting with pretty girls, and generally being good-guys on white horses. Only instead of… Read More

The Corvette Factories by Mike Mueller, A Review

Mike Mueller is one of the most prolific Corvette authors today. He has dozens of Corvette and other car books to his credit. In 2008 Mike started work on his latest Corvette book, “The Corvette Factories – Building America’s Sports Car” published by Motorbooks International (ISBN 978-0-7603-3551-2) Mike takes you on a factory tour from ‘53 to today.
This book is beautifully designed and the photos are a treat. You’ll be familiar with some of the images, but most are new to the public. There are pictures of the mahogany bucks for the first fiberglass bodies that were pure art. You also get the sense of how much hand labor goes into building a Corvette, or any other car for that matter. Think it’s easy work on an assembly line building cars? Think again. Read More