Rarer Than Rare – 2009 Special Edition Corvettes

Sold 2009 Corvette Special Editions Are Few In Number!

By Illustrated Corvette Series Columnist & Artist, K. Scott Teeters

Down Economy Creates Rarest Corvette Special Editions

2007 Ron Fellows Special Edition Z06

Today’s down economy is no secret. Since late 2008 Detroit’s problems have been well publicized and now it looks like the “can do no wrong” Asian companies are in the hot seat as well. According to Edmunds Auto Observer, Chevrolet sold 13,934 Corvettes for ‘09 – the lowest sales figure since 1961! Since the entire sports car market took a dive, Corvette had a lot of company. It’s not that the market doesn’t want sports cars, but to quote one of my least favorite politicians, “It’s the economy, STUPID.” Continue reading “Rarer Than Rare – 2009 Special Edition Corvettes”