Corvette Billboards We’d Like To See

Dateline: 10.18.11

If Chevrolet was to make retro Corvettes, would billboards such as these help sell cars?

As a “car person” I’m sure you get car related emails from your friends too. The other day my good friend Bill Fackelman sent me a collection of made up images that “should” be Chevy billboards and several were Corvettes. You might have seen a few of these, but they’re still pretty neat.

Here's a REAL Corvette billboard. Part of Chevrolet's "Chevrolet Runs Deep" ad campaign.

Chevrolet has never gotten too much into billboard advertising for Corvettes. It’s understandable, as in the big world of General Motors, the Corvette is a very low-volume car. In 1953 when the Corvette came out Continue reading “Corvette Billboards We’d Like To See”