Engine History Made! 100,000,000 Small-Block Chevy Engines, and Counting!

This week Chevrolet announced that the 100-millionth Small-block Chevy engine will be built sometime in Fall 2011 and will most likely be installed in a 2012 Corvette! So three cheers to Chevrolet. Hip, hip, HOORAY! Hip, hip, HOORAY! Hip, hip, HOORAY! Although the small-block Chevy engine was designed to be an efficient passenger car engine, the design’s simplicity and durability has been providing Chevy fans with some of the fiercest engines ever. SBCs have powered just about every kind of race car from Indy and Le Mans, to drag strips and dirt tracks all over America.

The icing on the cake for this milestone is that the 100 millionth SBS is likely to be installed in a 2012 Corvette. Which SBC will be the magic 100 millionth engine has not yet been announced. Check out the REST OF THE STORY! Read More