Anthony & Michael Saris’ Torch Red 1997 Corvette Project Car

One day while Anthony was at work his Dad call him and said, “I think we need to do one last car together.” (imagine that kind of a call) Before Anthony and Michael could tell their spouses, the guys had been to the bank and bought a wrecked 1997 Corvette coupe. C5 Corvettes have lots of potential and for a project car that’s going to be heavily modified, the wrecked Vette that came with some nice engine mods was perfect.

The 1997 Corvette took a pretty good hit that caused some slight damage to the driver’s side front section of the hydroformed side frame rail and the front transverse radiator cradle. The steel frame parts were repaired and the C5 body panels are fairly easy to replace. Anthony and Michael locally sourced as many body parts as they could; eventually replacing the front fenders, headlights, front bumper cover, and passenger side mirror.

Project cars are always full of surprises. After the collision work was completed, it was time for a new paint job. As Anthony and Michael were unloading the car off the trailer, the LS1 engine began knocking loudly. One of the competition valve springs broke. The LS1 was treated to a new set of valve springs and rockers; and it was off to the paint shop for a new coat of Torch Red. With the crash damage repaired and a new coat of paint, it was time to have some real fun. Read More