Watch Footage of the Mid-Engine Corvette at the Nurburgring – VIDEO

C8 Mid-engine test driver flogging the pants off a C8 mule Corvette and having too much fun!

It will not be long! I speculate that the mid-engine Zora Corvette will debut either this November at the Dubai (the exact date has not yet been set, for more info, CLICK HERE), or at the Detroit Auto Show in January 2019. I say this because the recent batch of photos and videos are very clear. Some of the surface details might be what they call “holder pieces”, but we now clearly know the C8’s overall shape. The debut can not be far off.

The video also provides another big hint as to what’s under the hood. Watch and listen for yourself. All I’ll say is that the car sounds very tame.

Special thanks to for the excellent video. offers more commentary HERE. – Scott