A Fast, SLOW Lap Around Sebring International Raceway in a Corvette

On February 20, 2021, we attended the SVRA event at Sebring International Raceway, in Sebring, Florida, and were invited to take our Vette out on the track for a lap. I knew we weren’t going to go fast, but I didn’t know we would be going SO SLOW!!!

Here’s a speed-ed up version (individual photos) of our Slow Lap around Sebring! One of the images you can see on my speedometer, “5-mph”! HA! And no, the sound on the video is NOT my car. I had to make this entertaining. Read More

Corvette Timeline Tales: March 24, 1956 – Chevrolet Scores First Major Road Racing Win with a Team of Heavily-modified Corvettes – VIDEOS

Unlike today’s Corvette Racing Team’s massive year-around, non-stop R&D program, the Sebring cars were prepared in just a few weeks and were being worked on around the clock. But all things considered, it was a valiant effort that paid off. Here’s a list of the modifications made to the Corvettes. This is why I say, these were no ordinary Corvettes and by 1956 standards, these cars were very advanced. Read More