The Duntov Files, Part 2 E-Book: Car Life Magazine July 1969 Wildest Corvette Test Yet, FREE E-Book

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Dateline: 10.24.18 – To download this free E-Book, CLICK HERE –  – I do not recall when “Car Life Magazine” stopped publishing, (old issues are available on eBay) but in the 1960s it was one of my favorite car magazines.

Back in the day, car magazines typically came out the same month, or the month before the specific month printed on the cover and on the footer of every page. I got my July 1969 issue of ”Car Life” as my summer vacation was beginning. I had just graduated from junior high school and was about to turn 15-years-of-age; almost two years away from when I could get my driver’s license!

Perhaps to smooth over the not so great roll out of the 1968 Corvette the year before, Zora Arkus-Duntov arranged for the ultimate Corvette road test of EIGHT different 1969 Corvettes! Three small-blocks and five big-blocks, plus Zora brought along his development ZL1 toy. I read that long article over, and over, and over that summer. By the time I went back to school in September, I was “Mr. Corvette”!

Enjoy and feel free to share with your Corvette friends. –Scott

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