Mike & Linda Waal’s Grand Touring (GT) 1980 Corvette

See the USA in a Chevrolet, CORVETTE!

Dateline: 4-5-22 (this story was first published in the April 2018 issue of Vette Vues Magazine) – The term “GT” is arguably one of the most misused automotive designations. The term dates back to the 1930s in Europe and is an abbreviation for the words “grand touring,” or as they say in Italian, “Grand Turismo.” In the classic sense, a GT car was a road-going, lightweight, semi-luxurious coupe, built on a high-performance chassis. In the 1960s, American carmakers started to apply the GT term to many of their new pony and intermediate-size cars. Continue reading “Mike & Linda Waal’s Grand Touring (GT) 1980 Corvette”

Z06 Corvette Review, Pt 1 – The 1963 Z06 Racer Kit

For “Off Road” Use Only!

DATELINE: 3-19-22, this story first appeared in the January 2017 issue of Vette Vues Magazine The C8 mid-engine Corvette is arguably the biggest news in the world of Corvettes since the very beginning in 1953. Many of us thought Chevrolet would never offer such a Corvette, but here we are. And thanks to an established pattern of performance track-model Corvettes that started in 2001 when Chevrolet decided to brand the car, “Z06” after the one-year-only 1963 Corvette, subsequent new model Corvettes have offered a Z06 model. Within minutes after the C6, C7, and now C8 Corvettes were debuted, fans’ second question (after “how much is the new Vette?”) is, “Where’s the Z06?” Yes, we expect it and Chevrolet has not let us down since.

As of this writing, Chevrolet has their Traveling Road Show in full-swing at select Chevrolet dealers to show the loyal faithful exactly what the new C8 Z06 is all about. On March 25, 2022, Stingray Chevrolet, in Plant City, Florida will be hosting their C8 Z06 presentation. No doubt, owner Steve Hurley will put on a fantastic presentation.

So, with that in mind, the next dozen or so posts here on Corvette Report will present stories I have written for Vette Vues Magazine over the last ten years about the Z06. The C8 Z06 did not arrive from nowhere, there’s been a progression of Z06 Corvettes that go back nearly 70 years to 1963 when “RPO-Z06” was an obscure, one-year-only “racer kit” option that Zora Arkus-Duntov seeded into the 1963 Corvette option list that was essentially a “suspension and brakes” option on top of the L84 Fuelie. There were no external badges or special body enhancement and the car looked like any other Fuelie Corvette. And truthfully, unless a customer wanted to go road racing with their new Corvette, the Z06’s performance suspension and brakes were of little value on the street. There was no fanfare and after 1963, no one but Zora and his hardcore racer friends missed the Z06, so the Z06 faded into Corvette history; that it until the release of the 2001 model year. Ever since then, the Z06 was THE track weapon for Corvette racers.

So, let’s have a look at how we got to where we are with the C8 Z06. It is arguably the most exciting story in Corvette history. – Scott

When I was a wee lad and would see the term, “For Off-Road Use Only” I used to think, “Well who drives these cars in the dirt and grass?” What I didn’t understand was that the term is code for “RACING”! Beginning in 1957, Chevrolet’s new general manager, Ed Cole, made the command decision that he would let “customers” carry the Corvette racing mantle by offering Chevrolet-engineered parts, specifically designed for racing, available through the Chevrolet Parts Department. Continue reading “Z06 Corvette Review, Pt 1 – The 1963 Z06 Racer Kit”

Dean Kaliakmanis’ 1986 Corvette

A 16-Year-Old Young Lion’s First Vette

Dateline: 7-4-20 This story was originally published in the August 2019 issue of Vette Vues Magazine, Photos from Dean Kalliakmanis Collection) – There’s a popular misconception that you need buckets of cash to have a really cool Corvette. A lot of that has to do with the fact that new Corvettes have always been premium-priced automobiles. All the way back to the beginning in 1953, the Corvette was a Cadillac-priced car. As of this writing (late May 2019), the official base price of a 2019 Corvette is $56,995, and a fully maxed out 2019 ZR1 can cost over $150,000! Also, when you see guys driving Corvettes, they usually have silver or white hair, or no hair at all. It is true that many guys in their 60s and 70s finally get that Vette they always wanted.

It is a perception problem that even Corvette chief engineer Tadge Juechter says they are struggling with. For us Baby Boomers that grew up in the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s in the era of the great American car culture, we thought the love affair with cars was permanent. The big question for Juechter and his designers is; how do we make Corvettes relevant and exciting to younger buyers, many of whom aren’t even interested in cars.” But, where there’s a will, there’s a way. So, the question is this, where does the “will” come from? That’s almost a spiritual question, but what really helps is growing up in a car-oriented household.

Hot rodding started in the 1930s during the Depression years. Souped-up cars were scrappy machines, literally built from scrap cars. Hot rodding required a lot of dirty scrounging around in junkyards, service stations, and used car lots. Being a hot rodder took sweat, blood, and ingenuity. While mega-buck restomod cars are all the rage today and grace the paper and digital pages of automotive publications, the old hot rodder model can still work, if you are willing to work and get dirty.

Dean Kaliakmanis of Burlington, Illinois is a 16-year old sophomore at the Burlington Central High School. Dean got the car bug from his Dad, Dean Kaliakmanis. Dean Sr. is a group health insurance professional but has been a car guy since he was a teenager. Along the way, Dean’s dad has owned five Corvettes, including; a 1969 Stingray, a 1977 Corvette, a 1985 Corvette, a 1987 Corvette, and a 1993 Callaway Corvette. The 1987 Corvette and the 1993 Callaway, plus a 1971 Z-28 Camaro are Dean Sr.’s current rides. Obviously, Dean the younger has been around Corvettes all his young life, so it’s no surprise that he would want to follow in his Dad’s footsteps.

As a little kid, Dean was so into cars that with his Dad’s help, he started flipping cars when he was just ten-years-old! Now, at the age of sixteen, he has flipped five cars. One of the keys to making money flipping cars to find cars that need lots of TLC, buy them for not much money, clean them up, get them in running shape, and then sell them. It takes a special eye to be able to look beyond the dirt, grime, missing parts, and stinky smells.

Being around his Dad’s Corvettes and looking for cars to flip, it should be no surprise that eventually Dean would find a neglected old Corvette. Currently, C4 Corvettes (1984-1996) are at the bottom of the pecking order of used Corvettes. Except for the special edition C4s, hardly anyone wants them because the newer Corvettes were so much better. C4 ZR-1 Corvettes are especially under-valued. Later-year C3s were in the same position ten years ago.

But back in 1985, Car and Driver pronounced the Corvette, “The Fastest Car In America” because the car had a top speed of 150-mph. Corvettes so dominated the SCCA Showroom Stock Series that at the end of the 1987 season, SCCA kicked the Corvettes out of the series because they were too fast and unbeatable.

While subsequent generation Corvettes are better-engineered cars, C4s can be made into stout performers. C4s are powered by electronic 0.fuel-injected versions of the classic small-block Chevy engine that is legendary for its versatility and ease at getting respectable power. So when Dean found a 1986 Corvette in a barn, he saw potential and was able to see past the car’s cosmetic issues.

The 1986 Corvette was in terrible condition after many years of neglect and storage in a barn. The front bumper cover was long gone and someone had started sanding the original red paint. But it was the car’s interior that was the worst. Dean describes that car this way; “The interior was complete but very dirty. Cats must have gotten into the car and were using it as a litter box. The smell of cat pee was overwhelming. The front seats needed new skins and the lift-off top was cracked. But everything was there; it was just very dirty and stinky. The one feature I really liked was the ’80s snowflake racing-style wheels. The car was really in bad shape and very one though I was crazy.”

Dean got the car for a straight trade for a $500 old Lexus SC400. With a deal like that, you don’t mind dumping a few thousand dollars and a lot of sweat equity into an old car. After getting the car, Dean and his Dad determined that beyond the missing and soiled parts, the car was in okay but very tired shape. The engine was pulled and received a basic rebuild and a new fuel pump. No performance enhancements were made to the L98 engine, as Dean’s Dad felt that 235-horsepower was enough for his 16-year-old son; besides, his son did not yet have his driver’s license!

The automatic transmission was deemed in good shape. And lastly, the 1986 exhaust system; from the manifolds back, was in need of replacement. Dean found a complete exhaust pipe for a 1992 LT1 that included the rectangular exhaust tips. The suspension received new bushings and shocks, and parts were cleaned up. The brakes were good but got new pads and resurfacing.

Dean found a front bumper cover and a used body kit that included the front spoiler, side skirts, and a rear spoiler for $200 from a friend. A used roof panel was found for just $200. Dean and his Dad finished the paint prep work in primer black and painted the car Honda Civic Type R “Sonic Gray Pearl”. With the addition of the body kit, Dean felt the hood needed something extra. Dean found a set of $200 carbon fiber NACA scoops, cut them into the clamshell hood, and fastened them with machine screws.

The interior was the most challenging part of the build. The factory carpeting and padding had to be removed and then the floorboards were thoroughly cleaned. The door panels console, steering wheel, and dash were dirty but under the dirt, the parts were in good condition. Dean bought a set of racing seats but they were too tall for the car. Instead, Dean got new leather skins to go over the existing cushioning that was in good condition. The black bolsters tie in beautifully with the rest of the interior’s color pattern; classic black and red.

I asked Dean about future plans for the car and he said, “I’d really like to get a 383 stroker like what my Dad has in his blue ’87 Corvette. Maybe a set of track wheels and new tires with raised white lettering; and maybe a set of the Corvette Challenge logos for the side and some racing decals. I like the racer look. Other than that, I’m really happy with how my car came out. For me, this is a keeper that maybe some day I’ll be able to give it to my son.”

We also want to mention the 1971 Z-28 Camaro, the blue ’87 Corvette, and the red Callaway. Those are Sr. Dean’s cars. Dean had always liked the early ‘70s Camaros, especially the Z-28. The car is obviously not stock and is a classic ‘70s Street Machine. The Camaro has a fiberglass L88 Corvette hood dome, instruments are attached to the base of the hood, and the suspension has been raised for that Super Stocker drag car look.

Dean’s Viper Competition Blue ’87 Corvette has an all-out aero body kit that includes a tall rear wing and a racer-like front splitter. C5 Z06 wheels replaced the stock ’84 – ’87 turbine wheels. Under the hood is a 383 stroker SBC making around 550-horsepower. The 1993 Callaway Corvette is Dean’s latest addition to the family and is wearing bright red paint and a very unusual set of six-spoke allow wheels that are similar to those on the 1992 Sting Ray-III.

In January 2019 Dean got his driver’s license. Mostly he drives his Corvette in the evenings and weekends and occasionally takes the car to school. Incredibly, he gets a little heat from a few students that assume he’s a rich kid. No, he’s just a Car Guy and likes to get dirty, making something special from a car that was heading to the junkyard. Congratulations Dean, you are for-real “Car Guy”. The Car Guy’s Motto is, “Be a real car guy, or be gone!” – Scott

PS – Special thanks to Vette Vues Magazine. For subscription information, CLICK HERE.

Chris Draper’s “My Corvette Life”

A young man’s life-long obsession with Corvettes is fulfilled with a bargain-priced C5 Corvette, plus a LOT of work!

Dateline: 11.13.18 Except where noted, all photos by Chris Draper – Note: This story originally appeared in the September 2018 issue of Vette Vues. Since the story was written Chris has rebuilt the top end of his LS1 engine. Chris added the following; a LS6 Z06 intake; Z06 fuel injectors; throttle body; heads; and a Vararam Power Duct. His engine also received new valves and valve springs. When Chris bought the car, it had a performance cam; Kooks Long Tube headers; an X-pipe; and a Cat-Back exhaust. After a dyno tune, Chris’ bolt-on-modified LS1 pulled 508-horsepower at the crank! That is C6 427 LS7 Z06 territory, ladies and gentlemen! GOOD JOB, Chris!

There’s been a meme floating about in auto enthusiasts circles about Corvettes that I have always found to be kind of irritating. It had to have been sometime in the mid-1990s that I started hearing and reading the notion that, “Corvettes are for old guys.” Well I’ve been into Corvettes since I was 10-years old and I wasn’t an “old guy” in the mid-1990s. But there were a few things happening back then that probably added to that silly idea.First, while Corvettes have always been a premium, Cadillac-priced car, in the 1990s, a $30,000 Corvette seemed like a lot of money. The 1990 ZR1 Corvette cost nearly $60,000! There were still a lot of Corvette fans who remember the days when you could get a loaded for bear 1967 L71 427/435 big-block for less than $6,000. Today many of those old classic Vettes from the 1950s and 1960s are selling for almost as much as a new Corvette. In the 1990s mid-to late 1970s Corvettes were shunned as performance dogs. It just seemed like the desirable Corvettes were out of reach for younger buyers and more and more we saw men with silver hair (or no hair) driving Corvettes.

Photo Credit: Logan Miller, Car Capture Photography

When the C5 came out in 1997, it was a total game-changer. Everything about the car was new and very much improved. Thanks to the all-new LS1 engine, Corvettes had grunt again and were actually quicker and faster than the big-blocks of the loud golden days of performance. As the 2000s rolled on, Corvettes just kept getting better and better, always moving forward, never going backwards. But the prices kept going up. Then an interesting thing began to happen, especially after the arrival of the C7. Prices for early C5 Corvettes were going down, big time! By 2016 and 2017, genuine bargains could be found. And there is nothing inherently wrong with the C5 platform. In many ways, the C6 and C7 aren’t that much different, just more modern and more refined. And there is more “racecar” built into the C6 and C7 Corvettes, thanks to the amazing success of the Corvette Racing Team, which has served as the field-testing and development wing for future Corvettes. Meanwhile, the aftermarket has totally sorted out the LS series of Corvette engines, such that with just some improvement in the intake and exhaust side, any basic C5 Corvette can be turned into a street beast. And you can’t beat the price! Suddenly, it’s 1970 again!Thirty-year old Chris Draper from Arizona has been a car guy since he was a little fellow when his grandmother would take him out shopping every Saturday in her 1978 Z28 Camaro with a 4-speed transmission. (VERY COOL grandma!) Then when Chris was just six-years old, his grandparents got a 1989 Corvette Coupe. Chris recalled how his great grandfather scolded his grandfather for buying such a ridiculous car, that young Chris thought was to-die for! To young Chris, the 1989 Corvette’s flat digital dash just looked like “The Future”. When Chris’ grandma would pick him up at school, all the kids thought he had the coolest grandma in the world! (most of us would agree!) We all have a “Corvette moment” when a Corvette grabbed us and never let go. This was Chris Draper’s Corvette moment when he was just six-years old. By the time Chris was around 8-years-of-age, personal computers were becoming more and more common and Chris’ grandparents had a new-fangled thing called a “dial-up modem” connected to their computer. Chris quickly got up to speed with using the new computer technology and spent hours and hours searching the new World Wide Web, now called, “The Internet” to learn everything he could about Corvettes. Chris wrote letters and emails to General Motors with questions about Corvettes. He hunted down brochures from Chevrolet dealers as soon as they were available and studied them cover-to-cover. Chris wasn’t even a teenager yet when he started to scour the new Corvette forums that were popping up. While in the 6th grade, at the young age of 11, Chris wrote a research paper on the history of the Corvette. Not long after, Chris started his own Corvette website, www.corvette-info-center.com. The site is still up and Chris apologizes for not having updated it for a few years, but he’s been a busy guy the last few years, as you will see. When Facebook came online, Chris Draper was there with his ”Corvette Info Center” FB page. This has recently been changed to “My Corvette Life” to match Chris’ YouTube Channel. In 2005 Chris’ grandparents traded in what was by that time, their “old” 1989 Corvette on a new 2005 Mustang, but fortunately, they got over that “Mustang thing” in less than a year. In 2006 Chris’ grandparents let him (now 17 years old) fill out the order form for their new 2006 Corvette Coupe. Soon after, his grandfather joined a local Corvette club and Chris would attend the club meetings on Sundays. Sometimes, his grandfather would let Chris drive the new Corvette. By this time, Chris had a 1995 Camaro (a very nice first ride for a 17-year-old young man) that earned him his first speeding ticket. (Are we surprised? Been there, done that!) From hanging with the Corvette club folks (I’m sure that Chris was the only person they knew that had his own website!) Chris befriended a couple that let him take their 2006 Corvette Convertible to his Junior Prom. The following year, Chris’ grandfather let him take his 2006 Corvette Coupe to the senior prom with his high school sweetheart and future bride! You can clearly see how all of this is cementing “Corvette” into Chris’ heart and soul. It should be no surprise that Chris is a big Corvette Racing Team fan. Corvettes and Racing, as Forest Gump would say, “go together like peas and carrots!” It was around the year 2000 that Chris first saw the C5-R Corvette Racing Team’s all-out racecar. Finally, Chevrolet was solidly behind racing Corvettes and the car looked like the genuine bad-ass that it was. Now Chris had another facet of the world of Corvettes to assiduously follow. In 2009 when GM was going through bankruptcy, funding for Eddie Jaboure’s BadBoyVettes.com was cut off. (Jaboure was also the creator of the famed “Jake” Corvette Racing mascot). Chris reached out to Jaboure to help keep the website afloat. Since the beginning of the 2012 racing season at the 12 Hours of Sebring, Chris Draper has written every article at www.BadBoyVettes.com. The site is totally dedicated to reporting all news concerning the Corvette Racing Team. There’s also a large collection of Corvette Racing videos, photos, Jake images, and photo albums of really cool street Vettes. Chris has done a super job with the site. Kudos to you, Chris.

Chris graduated from college in 2011 with a degree in CAD Design and Construction Management. The economy was not in good shape, but Chris was able to get a job with a construction company in the Phoenix area, close to where he lives. Then in 2013 Chris married his high school sweetheart, yes, the same gal he took to two proms in Corvettes! With the age of 30 closing in, Chris’ goal was to get a Corvette before he turned the big “THREE-OH!” After all, he had only been into Corvettes for nearly 25 years at that point! When it comes to Corvettes, one could not be more studied on “what to buy on a budget” than Chris Draper. He’d been doing his homework for a long time and knew from his studies that in today’s market, C5 Corvettes offer the best “bang for the buck”. There are stacks of C5s that owners don’t want any more because they want the newer Corvettes. All Corvettes seem to suffer this fate. The best example of this is the 1984-1985 Corvettes. In their day they were heralded as “The Best Vette Yet!” Today, you can get a 1984 Corvette for less than $5,000!

Chris’ hunt did not take long. In October 2017 he located a white 1998 Coupe with 110,000 miles for sale in Twentynine Palms, California, which was for Chris and his wife, about a four-hour drive. The car is mechanically sound, was really grubby, but had a nice array of performance parts that Chris would have added anyway. The 1998 Corvette had a Vararam Ram Air Intake, a performance camshaft, Kooks Long Tube Headers, an X-Pipe, and Cat-Backs. The suspension had been upgraded to C6 Z06 shocks, C6 Z51 sway bars, was lowered 1-1/2-inches, and had black Z06 wheels and Z06 size tires. That’s one heck of a good start!

Photo Credit: Logan Miller, Car Capture Photography

The owner was asking $9,000 for the car and Chris countered with an offer of $8,000, based on the Kelly Blue Book estimated value. The seller agreed. But while test driving the car the Check Engine light came on, so they took the car to an Auto Zone store to get a diagnosis. The issue was a clutch sensor. The seller had the receipt showing that that issue had been fixed two weeks before, so the seller took the $250 out of the price and the car was Chris’ first Corvette for just $7,750!

We should back up and mention that in 2008 Chris launched his YouTube Channel, “My Corvette Life” that mostly covered Corvette history and Corvette racing. In October 2017 when Chris started his Corvette hunt, he started a new Playlist on his YouTube Channel called, “C5 Corvette Videos” that chronicle his C5 Corvette adventure. That’s how I discovered Chris’ “My Corvette Life” YouTube Channel when I started my C5 hunt. Chris’ videos are totally engaging and brutally honest. He shares his hunt, when he looked at the car, when he drove the car home and how he called his grandfather on the road during a pit stop, and after he got the car home. The car was a grubby mess, but Chris was able to look past the dirt and grime and start the process of bringing his 1998 Corvette Coupe back to life. The car was a good candidate to become a racecar and would have been stripped, cut up, and modified for racing. That’s not a “bad” thing, but it’s nice to see street Corvette survivors. As of this writing (early July 2018) Chris has 50 YouTube videos that walk his viewers, step-by-step through his build experience. It is a delightful journey! His YouTube Channel also has nearly 200 other videos, including; Ride-Alongs, Vlog videos, Racing videos, and Road Trip videos.

In one of Chris’ videos posted in late June 2018 he said that his 1998 Corvette was pretty much complete. Veterans of performance project cars know that rarely are cars such as this ever 100% done; maybe 99.5% because there’s always some little thing that needs attention. With the mods that came with the car when Chris bought it, plus a lot of enhancing on his part, his 1998 LS1 has plenty of grunt and makes sweet thunder. And for Chris, he doesn’t need an 800-horsepower beast. His 1998 Corvette Coupe is the fulfillment of a life-long dream.

Photo Credit: Logan Miller, Car Capture Photography

The teachable moment with Chris Draper’s “My Corvette Life” journey is this. Attention Millennials! You don’t have to spend $60,000 or more for a Corvette, you can have one for a fraction of the price of a new Corvette. And then, you too will have a Vette! – Scott


Video Interview With Rick Walker, Owner of a Most Beautiful 1976 Short Tail Silva Maco Shark Corvette – Video

Northeast Wheels Events interviews Rick Walker about his rare Silva-built 1976 Maco Shark Corvette.

This Maco Shark was a barn find car! It’s a real beauty today.

Dateline: 8.29.18 – The 2018 Corvettes at Carlisle event is history and from what I have heard from Vette Vues editor, Bonnie Wolf and out Corvette friend, Rick Walker, it was a beautiful show! Rick is no stranger to Corvette Report. I met Rick at the 2011 Corvettes at Carlisle show when he was part of 2011 Chip’s Choice Display of “Barn Finds.”

Pamela Hirschhorn of NortheastWheelsEvents.com caught up with Rick and his beautiful Maco Shark, and posted this very nice video on their YouYube channel.

Also, I want to let you know that Continue reading

Video Interview With Rick Walker, Owner of a Most Beautiful 1976 Short Tail Silva Maco Shark Corvette – Video”

FINALLY! Clear images of the new C8.R mid-Engine Corvette – VIDEO

The C8.R is shaping up to look like a real bad-ass racing Corvette. Watch out Ferrari!

Dateline: 8-10-18 – Image Credit: Motor1.com As a commercial artist and graphic designer, I’ve been trained to go with my immediate, flash, gut impression of a design. Upon seeing the latest batch of clear C8.R images, I got an immediate, “WOW!” And yes, I understand that the C8.R is the extreme version of the C8.

CorvetteBoyz  posted an excellent spy video on the C8.R. Check it out…

Motor1.com posted a written report with lots of photos, check it out HERE…

Concerning the mid-engine platform, that IS the direction the high-end sports cars are going. The whole “mid-engine Corvette” notion is an old Continue reading

FINALLY! Clear images of the new C8.R mid-Engine Corvette – VIDEO”

The Motion Performance Experience – Part II

An Intimate Conversation With Martyn “Marty” L. Schorr and Joel “Mr. Motion” Rosen – Co-Founders of the Baldwin-Motion Supercars
Dateline: 8.10.17 / Photos:  Martyn L. Schorr & K. Scott Teeters’ Baldwin Motion Magazine Archives, Mecum Auctions, Dan McMichaels, & Google Maps Part one of my 2013 Far Out Radio conversation with Marty Schorr and Joel Rosen is in the July 2017 issue of Vette Vues can be enjoyed HERE. The year 2017 marks the 50th Anniversary of the Baldwin Motion Experience. Before we get into the rest of my 2013 conversation with Marty and Joel I’d like to share an anecdotal story about setting up the interview.

I have known Marty Schorr since 1976, just after he started “VETTE Quarterly”, the first Corvette-only, newsstand publication. I’ve had numerous conversations with Joel since around 2000 and always found him to be polite, but very reserved. When I asked Marty if he’s like to me on my radio program he said, “Sure, I’d be happy to.” When I asked Joel, he said, “Well, okay, but I don’t really have that much to say. How long is the interview?” I told him I did a one-hour show and without the commercials and bumper music, we have around 45 minutes to talk. He said, “Oh… I really don’t have that much to say, Scott. Really.” So, I assured him that if he ran out of things to say, Marty would fill in the rest. When the show started, Joel was reserved, as usual, but quickly loosen up. Before I knew it, he was seriously bench racing! As the host of the show I carefully watch the clock. When I said, “Well guys, we’re just about out of time, Joel said, “What! We just got started!” That’s just what happens when car guys get to bench racing.
Continue reading

The Motion Performance Experience – Part II”

An intimate conversation with Baldwin-Motion Phase-III Chevy Supercar Creators, Marty Schorr & Joel Rosen – Pt.1

Marty Schorr & Joel Rosen set the story straight and tell how the Baldwin-Motion Phase III Supercar Experience came together. (4 Videos)

Dateline: 7.19.17 – This interview appeared in the July 2017 issue of Vette Vues Magazine. Part 2 coming soon! – Marty Schorr is the former editor of CARS Magazine, the founder of Vette Magazine, and is the current editor and chief of CarGuyChrolicles.com, and PMPR, an automotive public relations form. Joel Rosen is the former owner of Motion Performance, on Long Island, in New York, and currently owns and runs Motion Models, a world-renowned, scale military model company in Florida.

In June 2013 I had the pleasure of interviewing Marty and Joel on my radio program, “Far Out Radio.” And now, you get to read the story from the guys that made it happen – Marty Schorr and Joel “Mr. Motion” Rosen. The guys created a legend and we’re still talking about it over 50 years later!

You can enjoy Part 2 of this conversation, HERE.

Scott: Marty, Joel, welcome to the program.

Marty & Joel: Scott, we’re here, we’re here! (laughs)

Scott: Great to have you here all the way from Florida. You never thought it would go this long, did ya? (laughs)

Joel: I never thought I’d live this long!

Marty: (Laughing) We never thought it would go past the 1970s!
Scott: Really? And here you are, my goodness. So, now that I have you both here, I’m curious before we get into the story, have you ever been on a radio program like this together, talking about what you have done?

Joel: Oh yes, we’ve done a few programs and some television shows. A number of television shows.

Marty: Yea, we’ve done it and we’re still not tired of each other, which is amazing. (laughs)

Joel: That’s what he says! (both guys laughing)

Scott: It sounds like you are both soul brothers to me. So, were you guys bench racing over some beers, or which one of you came up with the Baldwin-Motion idea first? How did this all get started? Continue reading

An intimate conversation with Baldwin-Motion Phase-III Chevy Supercar Creators, Marty Schorr & Joel Rosen – Pt.1″

What’s New In Vette Vues Magazine! 8/15

Here’s what’s in the August 2015 issue of Vette Vues Magazine!


Dateline: 8.15.15 – The cover story for the August issue of Vette Vues is “Victory At Le Mans!” There’s an old saying in road racing that goes, “If you win the 12 Hours at Sebring or the 24 Hours at Daytona, all of America will know. But if you win the 24 Hours At le Mans, the WHOLE WORLD will know. The Corvette Racing Team scored their eighth Le Mans win since the debut arrival of the C5-R cars in 1999. BRAVISSIMO! Corvette Racing Team!

Feature stories in the August issue include:

Circle City Corvettes Caravan to the Beach – Article & Photos by Charley Robertson

Second Annual Indianapolis Grand Prix – Story by Tom Fielitz & Photos by Dave Estes

“Eyes On Design” In Detroit 2015 Show Coverage – Article & Photos by Wayne Elwood

Corvette Milestones: August” – Story & Graphics by K. Scott Teeters

“The John Meyerhoff and Mary Carol Plott Corvette Love Affair, Pt 2” – Story and Photos by K. Scott Teeters Continue reading

What’s New In Vette Vues Magazine! 8/15″