1970 XP-882 Mid-Engine/Transverse Corvette Prototype


words and art by K. Scott Teeters as written for Vette magazine and republished from Super Chevy
Duntov SLAMS Ford’s Pantera, AMC’s AMX/3 & Mercedes–Benz’s C111. Trend Setting – Part 10: A look back at Chevrolet’s experimental, prototype, concept car, and show car Corvettes

Dateline November 2015: Between Car Life Magazine and Road & Track, the Corvette community was almost totally convinced that this would be the 1973 Corvette! Obviously that didn’t happen, but it was still a great day for Corvette fans at the New York Auto Show on April 2, 1970, because no one knew that Chevrolet was showing a mid-engine Corvette concept car. Mid-engine Corvettes were always lurking in the shadows with that, “Hey, sailor …” smile. But the XP-882 mid-engine experimental Corvette show car had drop-dead looks and it seriously looked like it “could be” the next Vette. It was everything a Vette lover would want and then some. Best of all, Ford and AMC never knew what hit them. Continue reading

1970 XP-882 Mid-Engine/Transverse Corvette Prototype”