The Baldwin-Motion Phase-III GT Corvette – Version 2.0

The Phase III GT was only a few months old, and Joel Rosen rolled out an even WILDER version of his ultimate Corvette GT.

A few months after Joel Rosen and Marty Schorr rocked the house at the ‘69 New York Auto Show with the Baldwin Motion Phase III Corvette, plus, got the official blessing from Corvette chief engineer, Zora Arkus-Duntov, the next version of the GT was shown on the September ‘70 issue of High-Performance CARS Magazine. The fixed-headlight was a real polarizer, but it was definitely unique. It’s too bad that federal regulations did not allow for the clear lexan headlight covers, because the covers were available for “show” or “off road” use only, and looked great.

From 1969 to 1971 only 12 Phase III GT Corvettes were built. Due to the extensive custom body work on top of the performance enhancements, the Phase III GT Corvettes were THE most expensive of all of the Baldwin-Motion Phase III Supercars. One Phase III GT, purchased a by a Dr. Rollings, cost a whopping $16,283 in 1971. For some perspective, a 454 ‘71 Corvette cost around $6,000, making Rollings car equal to a modern Corvette costing over $162,000, based on a $60,000 ‘11 Grand Sport Corvette.

In November 2010, three of the 12 Phase III GT Corvettes were on hand at the Motion Madness Reunion in Chicago. Special guests of honor at the event were the two men that made it all happen, all those years ago, Marty Schorr and Joel Rosen. They made them, and we’re still enjoying their efforts. Thanks, guys!


PS – Check out the Motion Madness Reunion at Marty Schorr’s site, HERE.