The Duntov Files, Pt. 1 – Zora’s 1969 427 ZL1 Racer – Free PDF E-Book

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Dateline: 10.19.19 – I have a very large collection of Corvette magazines and magazine clippings that date back to the late 1950s. Recently I was talking to a Corvette restoration expert about a project that he wants to take on. George is considering building a replica of Zora Arkus-Duntov’s 1969 427 ZL1 development mule.


This car got a good amount of ink back in 1969 and I have clippings of most of the published stories. So I scanned the pages and sent them to George for his reference. Then it occurred to me that to preserve this material, I should make themed PDF versions of my collection and put them out there to the Corvette community.

I’m calling the first wave of PDFs “The Duntov Files”. Corvette has always been a large group effort, but every successful enterprise has to have an enthusiastic figurehead. The Corvette is what it is today because of Duntov’s single-minded focus on Corvette racing. Were it not for racing, the Corvette wouldn’t have made it out of the 1950s.

This was one of Duntov’s many mule (toy) Corvettes.

Duntov’s built his 427 ZL1 development Corvette as if he was building an A/Production race car. Anything that wouldn’t be on a Corvette race car was removed. The car was outfitted with L88 fender flares to cover the wide American racing mag wheels shod with racing tires. The all-aluminum 427 ZL1 was opened up with racing headers and side exhaust. All Zora needed was numbers on the car and some sponsor decals. This was one cool toy!

Enjoy and feel free to share with your Corvette friends. – Scott

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