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Feb 2018 Contest Entries

Here are the entries for the February 2018
“Vette of the Month” Photo Contest

Latest entries so far!

To enter your Corvette, scroll three quarters of the way down

on this page and fill out the Submission Form.

If you have a YouTube video of you car, send us the link and we’ll post that too!

The WINNER will be announced on March 31, 2018.

The WINNER will get: An America’s Old Glory” art print of their year Corvette, and a feature story about their car in Vette Vues Magazine. After the article appears in Vette Vues, we will post the story and accompanying photos here at Corvette Report.

Here are the February & March 2018 entries.
The newest entries are at the top.

Car #3: 2007 Ron Fellows 427 Z06
Owner: David Flateau


Car #2: 1996 Collector Edition Corvette convertible
Owner: Bart Schiano

Description: This is a ’96 CE model with an LT-4 option. All possible options, including a removable hard top. I flew from NY to Arizona to buy this car and drove it back home, taking in the wonders of Route 66. (WOW, Bart! Now that’s “motoring”! – Scott)

Car #1: 1995 Corvette Pace Car #72
Owner: Rocco Cimini

Description: I just love my 1995 Corvette Pace Car#72 out of 527 built. I wonder how many are left?

This is a picture after i waxed her at my country house up-north this past 2017 the beginning of summer. And a short video(sorry you don`t allow video upload) of when I drove her last this fall 2017 with the pace car strobe lights on, before winter storage.

She is always clean and sleeps during the cold winter months. Every time I take her out of hibernation, well it`s just spectacular, to say the least! She is a Sexy Babe of a car and I named her, “Corva”. “Cor” in Italian means” Heart”, and “va” means “go”. And that she does.

For me this the sexiest Corvette pace car ever built! I’ve had her for four years, going on five this summer 2018 – I just CAN NOT wait for warm weather! She has only 14,291 miles on the odometer. I never registered her in the Corvette Registry and I will NOT be selling her! We’re in Canada and there’s no local Corvette club, which sucks! Thank you and God Bless the USA. I am very happy that you are our friendly neighbor. – Rocco (Thanks for the kind words about America – Scott)


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