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Jan 2018 Contest Entries

Here are the entries for the January 2018 “Vette of the Month” Photo Contest

Latest entries so far!

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The WINNER will be announced on January 31, 2018.

The WINNER will get: An “America’s Old Glory” art print of their year Corvette, and a feature story about their car in Vette Vues Magazine. After the article appears in Vette Vues, we will post the story and accompanying photos here at Corvette Report.

Here are the January 2018 entries.
The newest entries are at the top.

Car #4: 2016 Z06 Corvette Coupe
Owner: Marko Channell

Description: My modified 2016 Corvette ZO6 putting down 700rwhp and over 750rwtq. Modifications include: Vengeance Stage 3 package: Halltech Cold Air Induction System, Vengeance Racing 2.38” Supercharger pulley, Vengeance Racing 10 Bolt supercharger hub, Overdriven Crankshaft Pulley, Vengeance Racing billet core camshaft, Vengeance Racing Dual valve springs w/ Ti retainers, Vengeance Racing Hardened Pushrods, Trunion Upgrade, Katech C5R Timing Chain, Camshaft Phaser Limiter, High performance lifters- NON DOD, GM MLS Head Gaskets, ARP Head Bolts, American Racing stainless long tube header system with 3” X pipe, GM MLS Exhaust manifold gaskets, Vengeance Racing High Temperature protective heat sleeves, 160* Thermostat, Dexcool Coolant, Royal Purple HPS Oil, AC Delco Oil Filter, Complete/Professional Installation, Custom ECU Calibration 700

RWHP! YIKES! STAND BACK, children!!!


Car #3: 2013 60th Anniversary Grand Sport Convertible
Owner: Dan Lawson

Description: Heavenly, A man with his bride and his corvette… 2013 GS 60th Anniversary convertible 1 of 227 4LT,F55,NPP,MYC

(What a lovely couple. And they make the Corvette look GREAT!)

Car #2: 2014 C7 Z51 Stingray
Owner: Steve G, Kansas City, MO. Entered 11-26-17

Description: I call this my, “Carbon Fiber Edition” Stingray.  It is #1445 off the line for the C7 era.  I am a huge Carbon Fiber proponent.  Almost everything that was done in Carbon Flash (black metallic) from the factory is now done in Carbon Fiber. There are about $33,000 in aftermarket add-on’s on this Corvette! So the majority of the interior, exterior and engine bay is done in Carbon Fiber.  This car is the first C7 to ever have red seat belts.  I know this because I got these before red seat belts became a factory option!

(NICE carbon fiber rear splitter, Steve! – Scott)

Car #1: 1980 Corvette

Owner: Mike Wahl – Maryland

Description: Here is our our stock 1980 Corvette [8TY4SPD] and its TRUNK.

It is equipped with the OE ZAM L48 engine option, which we like for its low RPM torque, coupled to the RPO code MM4 4-speed manual trans [5726 produced]. As can be seen it has the RPO code 19 black exterior [7250 produced], with the not seen RPO code 12C oyster cloth interior option [1808 produced] and RPO FE7 gymkhana suspension [9907 produced].

We previously had a 1973 L82 4-speed, we are C3 enthusiasts, and were always challenged with space limitations when traveling. When we purchased our 1980, my wife said “More luggage space!” And I said “Yea, A Lot More!” ….. the TRUNK; no RPO code for this option!

We live on the eastern shore of Maryland, and the picture submitted was taken as we approached Devil’s Tower, WY, seen in the background, during our northern plain states cross-country trip to Oregon. The TRUNK has been a blessing, a motorcycle luggage trailer with 25 cu. ft. of space. We have traveled all over, “Seeing The USA In Our Chevrolet”, Corvette that is.

(Mike and his wife have made their Corvette into a GT (Grand Touring) machine and enjoy every mile of their sojourns! – Scott)

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At the end of the month we will pick a winner, and announce it as a post here at Corvette Report.

The winner will get;

An “America’s Old Glory Sports Car” print of their year Corvette, signed and numbered by K. Scott Teeters.

PLUS! a feature story in Vette Vues Magazine.

After the story is published in Vette Vues, we will post it on CorvetteReport.com.



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