Vette Videos: The Great Dave MacDonald In Action!

Dateline: 2.27.12

Watch “The Master of Oversteer” Enjoying a Day’s Work!

MacDonald driving his 1,700-pound MacDonald/Simpson 1961 Corvette Special. Photo by Dave Friedman.

It’s been a pleasure to get to know the family of Corvette racer Dave MacDonald. The April 2012 issue of VETTE Magazine has part 1 of my story about the career of MacDonald and the May 2012 has part 2, the conclusion. While pictures and words are great, video just adds some dimension. So, I thought some vintage MacDonald videos were in order.

MacDonald’s racing career path was similar to John Greenwood’s, in that like Greenwood, MacDonald started out in drag racing. But like many guys that like to drive Corvettes in, shall we say, a “spirited” way, it didn’t take MacDonald long to get used to not only thundering down the straight-aways, but sliding the back end around the corners. MacDonald was known as “the master of the oversteer” and his tail-out driving style was very popular with the spectators.

Back in the day, there was little-to-no video coverage of motorsports, so what we have are essentially home movies. Sometimes the manufacturers would produce promotional movies, but it was a far cry from what is now common, with multi-placement cameras around the track, views from the pits, aerial views of the race, plus in-car cameras. Yes, we’ve come a very long way, which makes these oldie but goodie videos even more fun.

So, here are some of the videos I was able to find of Dave MacDonald “at the office” behind the wheel of a billowing race car. Plus, the Chevrolet promotional movie from August 1962 (50 years ago!) featuring Dave MacDonald, Dick Thompson, and Zora Arkus-Duntov, and an interview with another man that was important to MacDonald’s career, the great Carroll Shelby.

And, if the early days of American road racing is your thing, there are 24 more videos at for you to enjoy! – Scott

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