[VIDEO] Neighbors File Lawsuit Against the National Corvette Museum

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Dateline October 2015: With all the back-and-forth going on between the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park, the City-County Planning Commission, the Code Enforcement Board, and the neighbors near the track, we figured the disagreement would wind up being settled in court.

Thursday night, the Warren County City-County Planning Commission voted unanimously to join the Residents Against Motorsports Park Noise in their lawsuit.

The planning commission was going to consider a revised detailed development plan for the park at its Thursday night meeting, but the NCM withdrew that plan from the agenda Wednesday after hearing about the lawsuit filed by the neighborhood.

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“Because of this action, we are withdrawing our application for the Revised Detailed Development Plan that was on the agenda for the Oct. 15th Planning Commission meeting,” Strode told Planning Commission Executive Director Steve Hunter in an email obtained by the Bowling Green Daily News.

Let’s hope a compromise can be reached allowing the Motorsports Park to remain open, but we have a feeling this has the potential to get nasty.

Chris Davenport, attorney for Residents Against Motorsports Track Noise LLC, told the Daily News Wednesday that the residents want their day in court and have lost patience with county officials working out a solution.

There will actually be two days – or more – in court, however.


The first case will be heard by Warren District Judge John Brown about the NCM Foundation’s appeal of the Warren Code Enforcement Board’s unanimous decision Sept. 11 to levy a $100 a day fine for noncompliance with the planning commission. The NCM filed the appeal last week.

The second case will be heard by Warren Circuit Judge John Grise, who has been asked by Clark Circle residents to shut down the facility and consider monetary damages for the residents. Clark Circle residents Janet Jent and Sara Buckley are named as plaintiffs, along with the residents’ group.

Residents Against Motorsports Track Noise LLC, Jent and Buckley are seeking legal action against the NCM Foundation, the planning commission and the county code enforcement board.

Strode told WBKO TV in Bowling Green that the Museum has been working hard to comply with the agreement and lower the noise levels.

“That included building the berm that is now complete,” the NCM executive director said. “That included building some trees that’s now complete. That included putting up some noise abatement near the edge of the property that is now complete.”

No court dates have been set for either case.